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Prenom, Nom: MARINA
Date de naissance: 01 janvier 1989
Pays, Ville: Russie, MOSCOU
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Echantillons de ses messages:
Hi dear ,how are you? Every day in Moscow for me is no different from the previous one. I apply for the visa nowand every day I spend at the embassy. at the embassy told me that soon I will be able to get a visa.I am very glad that I have no problems in obtaining visas. Not everyone gives a visa to travel to your country.I was lucky, and soon we'll be together, I hope. You have a good mood right now? Do not you trust me?I can not believe your words. Jamal, we are already very close to our meeting, and now you tell me about the lack of confidence.Why not? I have always been sincere with you. I am sincere with you now. I ask all on one ticket, I will add other sum.I promise that I will be frank with you always. We have a sense of not looking at the distance, which is now between us.You know about my family, do you know about my work. My life before you, like an open book. I have no secrets from you.You're the closest man to me. Even I do not need nobody else. My feelings for you are sincere.We have never met before. I trust you. I trusted you all without a trace. I left all that surrounds me in Russia for the sake of ourmeeting. Why with you now you tell me about the lack of confidence? I apply for the visa now. Jamal, we are no longer children.We decided to have a meeting, and we must not stop now. Soon I will have a visa to travel.I need to buy tickets now to the embassy staff were confident in the dates of my departurein your country and return back to Russia. It is very important. Now I spent all my savings.Every day I leave the money I spend on food. I do not have the money to buy tickets.I've already told you about it. Your letter has upset me. If I had money, I would ask you for help.I can make all that you will not ask, but I will prove to you that I sincerely concern you.My job is prestigious. I am proud of my work. I am sincere with you, and do not deny your words.I spent all my money now for a visa. I have no money to buy tickets independently.I do not want your money. I asked you for help, not for himself. Your help is needed for our meeting.I will not spend a single dollar for themselves. Why do you think badly of me? I am very upset.Dear Jamal, I'm waiting for your help. I need to buy tickets. As soon as I buy airline tickets,I will send you a list of his flight, so you can meet me at the airport.Remember that I did not when I can not hurt you, I suffer from the fact that poor womenso did you, and because of this I suffer, that you're afraid to do the right thing for our meeting,I pray and I think that would be you could overcome your own that you were convinced that I am writing to youfrom the heart and soul, I write what is in my heart and how heart aches, I'm tired of loneliness,I found a nice and interesting person and it's you! Understand that I'm not those other women with greed and anger,I do not know why they do it, but you should know one thing that I do not want to lose our meeting and I sayYou are from the heart. I trust my heart and my heart tells me that we will be happy together.Please listen to your heart. I am waiting for your letter. Your Mariya.
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    Comme toutes les autres les belles lettre d amour et aprés une semaine elle a besoin d argent pour te rejoindre dans ton pays c'est devenue monaie courante c'est vraiment bête d envoyer de l argent

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