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Date de naissance: 19 avril 1998
Pays, Ville: Ukraine, Lugansk
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Aleksandra: I hate you , with your every move , and more and more .. and there is no turning back ...


Me:    You're not telling me anything new. I knew you didn't love me.

We will see in Lugansk, for sure.


Aleksandra: I just don't see you .. trust me I'm not a stupid girl ..I have seen a lot in his life .though small

there was no need to play with me ...I'm not a toy that you can humiliate and insult ...


Me:    I love you, Sasha!


Aleksandra: you're belittling my feelings .and trampled them in the mud all ruined ...I don't want to hear about you ....all !!!!this is the end of our relationship


Me:    Business relationship?


Aleksandra: no any more communication !!!!!


Me: Good night!

Sweet dreams, my love.


Aleksandra: you overconfident selfish

the fact that you love me , I will not be easier ..and I'm not you love !

I hate you only cause me pain ...

do not write me anymore ...


Me:You hate me, and I love you.

You're not as bad as you want to look.


Aleksandra: I hate you !!!!! and it's you don't want !!! this is the last message ..and there is no turning back !!


Me: My last message for you is:

I love you!!


Aleksandra: OK ! good luck to you , find a new love .. and I'll find myself another man ..


Me: I don'n want another love.


Aleksandra: you're a liar , a deceiver ,selfish , I hate you're not a man of my word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! liar


Me: Sasha is my only one love.


Aleksandra: and we would never meet again ....


Me: You are right. We will not meet again. We'll meet for the first time.


Aleksandra: Ha ha ha )))

I find it funny !!!


Me: You're funny, I knew.


Aleksandra: you are really a sick man ..and that is why you are alone're hurting , mix shit ..then lie and insult . and then at the end ask for forgiveness . and say that you love .. you are clearly sick in the head ..and I such people poputi're just like my father ... and I don't want to be with such a man .


Me: I'm not like your dad. I did not leave you. You left me.


Aleksandra: my mom and grandma read the entire text ...and they also like me ..don't want to see a man in our family are all destroyed ..

and they in one voice said ... you're just like my father ..


Me: I like that you respect me.


Aleksandra: better , I deserve better ...enough is enough , do not write me anymore ...


Me: You're like your dad. You leave the man who loves you.


Aleksandra: I do not respect you ..I hate you

I'll answer you .. I haven't talk to you ...goodbye


Good night.


Me: We'll see who laughs last. I think I do.


Aleksandra: this hysterical laughter ..I'm tired


Me: Is your laughter.

sweet dreams, my love.

I'm waiting for you in the morning for coffee.


Aleksandra: I will not come ..Marcus , I'm tired of these relations .I'm sorry , but I'm you , I will not write .. at this point I don't want that kind of relationship ..I'm not going to write more ..and don't look for me anymore .


Me: I will wait for you and you will come because you know I love you. You know very well




Me: Good morning.

I love you, Sasha!!!

I just want to know if you're okay.


Aleksandra: all is well


Me: Thank you.


Me: Good night, dear.


Aleksandra: Good night




Me: Good morning, my little angel.

I love you!!


Aleksandra: Good morning

what are your plans for today ?


Me: Now, I'm on my way to Bucharest for a brief preparation. I have to take a few things out of here, for my trip in Ukraine.


Aleksandra: clear .good luck to you !

you are a liar and a cheat !!


Me: Thanks Sasha.

Aleksandra: you promised me that will help .. and send the money on a sewing machine


Me: I didn't lie to you and I didn't cheat on you.

I will do all I promised.


Aleksandra: how can you believe ...if you constantly deceive me ..


Me: You will see and convince yourself.


Aleksandra: so today 3 number ...


Me: What 3 number?


Aleksandra: what will I see ??? you're lying ... you said 3 numbers, send me money ...


Me: I want to help you.


Aleksandra: as you want to help me ? tell ?

you told me that on January 3 , you send me money .

I don't believe you , you liar


I said that by January 3rd everything was closed.

I'm not lying to you.


Aleksandra: you even forgot that I wrote that ...January 3, you will have a salary .and then you will be able to send money ....


Me: I'll send you the money tomorrow.


Aleksandra: I don't need more , anything from you ... some promise , for the second week , you introduce me astray ..enough , I am tired of your promises .... you have the money ??

Me: Tomorrow morning I go to WU and then I'll send you MTCN.


Me: Please tell me if you could withdraw the money, today.

Thank you.


Aleksandra: thanks , I took the money


Me: OK! It's fine.




Aleksandra: I don't want to see and hear rat !! all your correspondence will be on the Internet can not write me at all !!!!




Schema de larnaque:
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      I met lady Aleksandra Andreevna Andreeva on the platform. After a period of almost two months in which we corresponded on that platform, we received the contact details from the platform administration and we continued correspondence by email and Google Hangouts.

      Our relationship went normal on the natashaclub platform, but then our relationship turned into a business relationship.

      After leaving the natashaclub platform, the young lady deleted her profile on

      The young lady asks me for money every day. She said she has grandmother in hospital for a surgery and she has to pay $ 2000 for surgery.

      Then she asked for money for other reasons.

      I had compassion for her situation, knowing she was living in a war zone and sent her $ 2800. Initially, she asked for the money to be send on to a girl friend of hers, but then she accepted to receive the money on her name via Western Union (MTCN 010-618-7464, 148-786-4708, 082-749-9590, 359-956-2603, 469-840-772, 243-459-3564). So she's probably part of a scam group. She continued to ask for money, but because I did not send her the requested sums, she offended me, threatened me and tried to blackmail me (she told me she would publish all of our correspondence). Finally she refused to respond to my messages.
    2. Photos and her name are real. She is 19 years old and lives in Luhansk.

      Now she has profiles on the following sites:

      - - ID: C232453,

      - - ID: 36697.

    3. - (Aleksandra Andreeva).
    4. But it's possible she has profiles on other platforms as well.

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