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Prenom, Nom: irina
Pays, Ville: Russie, ---
Address: Town of : 'isheevka'
Telephone: na, na, na
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Echantillons de ses messages:

Hi my dear and dear friend Peter. Today I won't be able to write to you long letter. Today early in the morning in my room telephone was distributed call from which I nearly lost a speech power. I was called by mother, she asked me that I came to hospital. At night to the father Andrey it became bad, it became clear in the morning that his time came. Today he died at the age of 86 years.  I write you weepingly... I think that you have to know it. It is good that  the father managed to recognize you. Now the father in heaven... I hope that to him it is good because he sincerely rejoiced when saw me happy from your letters. The last that he told "The daughter, now I am quiet... I see that you found the darling. Because the love is happiness which is given not everyone."  It is so sick to lose the native person. I understand that sooner or later it has to  was to occur. But I am not ready to suffer such loss. Mother can't stop  I got down, to me so painfully to look as she is killed with a grief. I always got used to see  her joyful, and now she isn't similar to herself. It seems to me her eyes were filled emptiness and grief. I know how strongly they loved each other...  Your Irina.

Schema de larnaque:

    The usual romantic stuff.- for several emails then ...

    Then all of a sudden her father( whom she had told me 2 weeks earlier was 59 years old) became ill and the died at the age of 86.....?

    I stopped the emails before she started asking for money. The rplies stopped - they were obviously automated.

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