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Schéma de l'arnaque

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May use different pictures or give you different birthdate
The person on the photo actively takes part in common dating site crime under the name Yana / Yana Pavlivna Shevardak. For example wrong interest is claimed and promises given as long as the customer is paying for communication on the dating site. All efforts to continue the relationship...
Much Love to you. Kiss you on the cheek. I speak only the truth. This person will not answer my questions
Rencontré sur meetic puis message privé le lendemain. Correspondance pendant 1 mois tout les jours avec vidéo Skype et tout, la mère (bidon) au téléphone. La fille existe bien. Ensuite demande d'argent pour billets d'avions du voyages pour venir chez moi pendant toutes ses vacances. Puis argent...
  The  usual....... First she saay she's afraid to live in Russia because she is afraid of a NUCLRAER WAR,..... and after several emails she is very much in love and wants to travel to be safe with you.She says she travels to Moscow to process her documents, and does not write...
  As ausual, they went to the same school, after several emails, she is very in love and want to travel to see you.
Elle dit etre médecin. 
This bank account may be used by scammers Tourist agency: Kolumb-M.Beneficiary: Vorontsova Irina ViktorovnaLast name:Vorontsova.Frist name:Irina.Father name: Viktorovna.Beneficiary’s Account №:40817840410060001214 (USD). Street Address: 27 Kalanchevskaya str.Beneficiary Bank: AO «...
Soldi per il viaggio.
The scheme is the same like the other scams.She contacted me through a dating site. She wrote beautiful things that a single man wants to hear And after many messages and pictures, also with her family, she wanted money to visit me.
Primero te dice que te quiere, eres el mejor hombre en su vida, pero después te pide dinero para alquiler, comida... , empieza con 200 hasta me llegó a pedir 500€.Esta tatuada y con piercing es muy inteligente 
Au debut, l'escroc veut faire connaissance puis il tombe amoureux de vous.Comme d'habitude quand c'est le moment de prendre l'avion, le problème de l'argent arrive. Escroc très dangereux parce qu'il est très collant et n'hésite pas à faire du sentiment pour vous obliger à donner de l'argent.J'...
She pretends to fall in love with you and then asks for money. For visa passport. And some hardships
Il 22 luglio 2018 alle 20.47 Olga <> ha scritto:Buonasera caro Antonio!Ho avuto oggi una giornata molto intensa e mi sono appena reitornata a casa.Sono nata il 11 ottobre 1986. Sì, è un tatuaggio. Ho fatto un tatuaggio nella mia adolescenza.Dopo il lavoro mi sono subito...

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