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Svetlana Prokopets

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Svetlana  Prokopets
Prenom, Nom: Svetlana Prokopets
Date de naissance: 15 décembre 1983
Pays, Ville: , Ukraine
Address: Ukraine Obuhiv town Kiev oblast Sosnovii microdistrict 1 Postcode 08700
Telephone: +380669535364
E-mail: Www.Profteamtranslate. Com
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Echantillons de ses messages:

Client: SvetlanaGood day,  Mr.Franky J Salinas,We welcome you on behalf of the translating company "ProfteamTranslate"  , which service Miss Svetlana uses to correspond with you. Our agencyprovides only paid translation service in different languages.Unfortunately,  your  lady can not afford this expenses anymore due toher  financial  issues.  So we have to suspend your correspondence andall  your  letter  will  be  saved in her mail box till the account isrefreshed. We are sorry for inconvenience.We are ready to answer all your questions according our service.We  are  suggesting  you  to  share the translation expenses with yourwoman  Svetlana.If  you  agree  We will send you the detailed price listwith  all  the services mentioned and you may choose the variant whichis the most convenient for you.Lady Svetlana doesn't have her own computer with Internet to communicatein other way and she doesn't know English, so using the service is theONLY way for her to communicate.If  you  might  have  some  doubts according lady Svetlana . Identity orReality, she says that she is ready to take any kind of video to provethat  she  is  real  and  serious  about your further connection. Justwrite, what kind of video you need for the proof?We  provide  legal translation service and lady Svetlana is real person.We  have  everything to PROVE her identity. You can call our office orvisit  our  agency's  web  site .Our agencyProfteamTranslate provides only LEGAL and RELIABLE business!That's why it is NOT a scam or fraud!With respect,Executive ManagerIvan IvanovProfteamTranslate

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  • Its a real fraude. This company is a scammer using women pictures. You can check his companies creating and canceling each year with new pictures. He is managing it in  otherswebsites..

    Asking fortranslations payment in the beginning s

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You  see  that, we are honest

You  see  that, we are honest and real people with the same goal,Dear Franky!!!!!  I  need  your understanding of my situation!You  see  that  I don't want to lose you, Dear Franky, and I so want tocontinue  correspondence  with  you  planning  our meeting, but due myfinancial  situation  I am not able to keep paying for the translation fees.  I just want to keep our connection active, because I care aboutus  a  lot  and  want to meet FOR SURE discussing all the arrangements!!!Do you want the same???I  have  crashed  my  own telephone about month ago((( Have noopportunity to buy the new one now( Maybe you can call on my workingnumber,  but  it is just simple( Nokia 2600) without Internet or whatsapp. Will you understand my Ukrainian or Russian language?  Here is the number -+380669535364You  can  call  only  in  working  time , because I can't take workingtelephone with me at home.Sorry,  but now using the translation service is the only way to be incontact  for  me,  so  that's  why  I  was paying for all our previousletters  translation.  I  am  totally  honest and sincere with you andthere  is  no reason to lie, because  I want to meet you in real, DearFranky!Dear  Franky, finding each other, I got so attracted by you! And Now Idon't  want  to  stop!  I  am so interested to continue developing ourrelations  and  become closer to each other! Please help me to be withyou, Franky!It is everything I want now!With kisses!My full name and address isSvetlana Prokopets             Ukraine            Obuhiv town            Kiev oblast            Sosnovii microdistrict 1            Postcode 08700


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