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oksana puhach

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oksana puhach
First name, Last name: oksana puhach
Date of Birth: 19 December 1984
Country, City: Ukraine, Debaltsevo
Address: 84700 Ukraine, city: Debaltsevo, 20 let Pobedi street, 13/7
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Scheme fraud:
  • apres un mois de mails me demande de l'argent afin de faire ses papiers pour venir en france!

    je ne paye plus sans voir!!!

    je me suis déjà fait avoir 2 fois! stop!!

    donc elle a fait la tête comme toutes quand vous ne payez pas!!!etr m'a traité de tous les noms!!!

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hello's picture a days she is using this email id to dope innocent people
Franky1600's picture

She is still using this

She is still using this email, and same march 2014
francois manneveau's picture

Même démarche correspondance

Même démarche correspondance suivi pendant un mos ne lit pas vraiment les mails, et envoie de nombreuses photos;

Même nom et adresse électronique, se dit professeur ....le reste comme d'habitude ;;;;;

caffe.jpg me.jpg roses.jpg
Gerry's picture

Never send money to people

Never send money to people not know personally. Never send money for any reason, visa, passport, travel, traductions and so on! When they ask they are only scammmers. When they negleted you come in her country she is a scammer! When negleted to have skype she is a scammer! Many of this people live so scammed other people, they cant live honestly. So never send money to anybody and if they ask for money for any reason you have only refuse and signal them as a scammers bcs for sure its so! In Russia who lives honestly no need to ask money and all have computer at home, skype and so on!

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