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irina vladimirovna shurygina

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irina vladimirovna shurygina
First name, Last name: irina vladimirovna shurygina
Date of Birth: 09 September 1986
Country, City: Russie, Surgut
Address: Surgut , west siberia
Telephone: 7 964 551 26 97
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Samples of her messages:

I need 620 euros. I have 300 euros.if you are able to send 320 euros, it was enough for me so I could pick up a visa and obtain a ticket. xxx

Today I went to another bank and I was refused. It's all because of my credit. I took a loan to buy a TV and still has not paid for it. Today I spoke with a banker and she said she was very rarely give a loan to travel. I have to pay the agency for the visa and booked a ticket for, 620 euro. I have almost 300euro and I do not have about 320 euro. I hope for your help. I thought the bank to take 500 euro, but I was not given. Booked ticket with an open date. I will need to come to the airport to say on what number I'd like to have a crash. but you need at least a couple of days prior to departure, issue departure date. for example, today I decided to identify the date, it will only be after tomorrow's close date. Do you seriously think about the meeting. because tomorrow I'm going to have full permission to take off and I need to buy a ticket and documents in the agency, as they are paid for it. and the contract I have to pay it to them after registration. It's done. I can fly to you. I very much hope that today we continue this theme. I will try to look for the remainder. What's your news? do you prepare for our meeting? Your Irina

Hi my beloved Daniel, I know that you worry for our feelings to each other. I ask you don't worry for my feelings to you. I want that you would know: my love to you won't abandon me never. I any more don't represent my life without you. my feelings to you take now the main place in my heart. our love has no borders and the sizes. I love you mine!!! to me still never it happened the similar. now I started believing in true love. earlier for me it was strange that some people endow very many for the sake of the darling, sometimes at all without having anything instead of this victim. because of love in the past wars began and truces appeared. certainly it is now difficult to find such strong love, as in former times. but the true love still is in our world. I very much worry that now for many people money, the power and entertainments became the main thing in their life. but I know our world isn't hopeless. such loving people as you and as I will sometime rescue this planet, and all people will start living love and good.  our love is capable of a lot of things.  I am sure that it will be able to approach us.  I dream to nestle sometime on you my dear and to kiss you.  if my dream is fated to come true, I already never will release you.  we forever will be together.  I want to say to you always that I very strongly love you!!!  for me there is nothing more in the world except you.  I can't concentrate on anything, except my dream.  I believe that it will be carried out soon.  but it is very weak, we have to help it.  I think in our forces to approach our meeting.  I am ready on everything for the sake of it.  I went to bank and there was a huge turn.  I long stood and then approached in a window and to me told that the program doesn't work.  I went to other bank, it was necessary to go at once to this bank, there were no turns and everything well works.  I went to agency and I took away the visa. I paid for the ticket. Everything is ok. Moscow - Barcelona terminal 1 departure - 14:35 30.11.2013 arrival - 16:05 30.11.2013 flight - SU-2514  Aircompany - Aeroflot Russian Airlines I will go tomorrow to the airport, I would like to check all documents and to learn about rules.  I never was in other country earlier.  I am very glad that the destiny decided to bring together us with you. I will be always grateful to destiny for this gift. I will wait your letters my darling!!!!! your small love Irina

Today was a crazy day. How am I tired. To the airport, I reached in two trains. Arriving at the airport, I went to the cashier airline confirmed to me that I have a reservation. I just have a reservation number. I have a reservation number and passport. this number and the passport, boarding pass is issued. I was told that all is well. Then I passed the information window. there was a girl, she was kind, I asked her if I can take with you, how many pounds, I was told that the luggage should not exceed 20 pounds. I'll bring a lot of times souvenirs. I asked about the procedure before boarding any aircraft. she told me that to pass customs control I should have money for each day of their stay in Spain. I do not understand this. I was shocked. I asked what money? She told me you did not told the embassy that you have to have the money to arrive in the country where you are going. I began to learn more about this living wage. She told me everything clearly explained. The Russian Federation does not release the Russian citizens to another country that does not carry a cash or travel checks for each day of stay in the country in which you go. And in order that I could proiti customs control I must have money. One day stay, she told me, in your country will be 50 euro, respectively, I appeal to you food for 38 days. I was told that I should be in possession of 1900 euro. After all this, I learned I told her I was going to meet a man and he will be and I'll live with it. She said it does not matter, I said it does not matter? She replied, and suddenly you do not meet with this man, then he is cheating on you or something else unforeseen situations can occur that you do then there is no money. What you will live. Therefore querido I need to have a 1900 euro, otherwise I will not pass customs. Dear it is a fact. I myself was not happy to hear it all. I need 1900 euro, you can find the money? Since I do not have this capability. I only want the money for customs control and all. As we'll see you I'll give you the money in hand. The money I will not spend, I'll just show them and put it back in the bag and then later, after my plane landed, I'll give you the money in hand. I will not need the money, because you were there. Here is such sad news. I need that money will be prior to my departure . My flight on Saturday. need to address this issue. I do not know. I came home all upset

I didn't depart. when I started passing customs control, the employee of customs told that we can't let out me because I have debt to banks. I was told that I satisfied debts and I went to bureau of credit histories. I was told that as I am now in a black list, me can't let out from the country. I was told that my debt makes 45000, these are nearly 1100 euros. I didn't think that because of my debt me won't let out from the country. I now went to bureau of credit histories and talked that me struck off a black list, they speak that I paid debts and then it is necessary to bring the receipt on payment, in this case me will exclude from the list. certainly banks cunning thought up, not to let out debtors from the country. thought up system. I couldn't depart. I need to pay this debt. :(

I didn't want to hurt you. I had today an improbable stress. hundreds people saw how to me refused a departure. it really accident. yes I can send you back 700 euros. forgive, but I won't be able to arrive to you if I don't pay this foolish penalty.

I wanna be with you always , but without meeting our relationship fade . I would like to meet . please do your best and help me come to you .I just know that now I will send you the money I spent money on the commission, then it will take time and will send you back the money may not make sense to send money . I was told at the bank if I close these debts , I can give credit to a thousand euros. I would like to ask you that you sent 400 euros , I will close these debts and then take a loan 1000 euros and give it to you. time is short , it is necessary now to resolve this issue so that I could fly to you as soon as possible .

Scheme fraud:
  • send him money via W.U. 2 times first time part of your ticket 320€ second time rules of airport 800€ she use supposedly to pay bank debts and could not fly , and then asked me more to fly over me. total 1120€ scammed.

    MTCN:6362141462    MTCN:5946519682   MTCN:7418901256       He also showed me a Spanish visa probably false

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I do not know if it is a man

I do not know if it is a man or woman if two people but was manipulating my mind for three months

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