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Ksenia Shulga, Oxana Shulga, Xenia Shulga

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Ksenia  Shulga, Oxana Shulga, Xenia Shulga
First name, Last name: Ksenia Shulga, Oxana Shulga, Xenia Shulga
Date of Birth: 26 April 1993
Country, City: Ukraine, Kherson
Address: Kherson, Ukraine
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Scheme fraud:
  •      I met Ksenia Shulga in Kherson, Ukarine in February 2013. She is one of the best friends of the girl I was with there in Kherson, Tania Saiko, and Tania's sister, Lyubov Saiko. 

         All of Tania's best friends came to meet me as Tania told me she was serious about me and we were working on a relationship leading to marriage. Ksenia was very shy at first, like most Ukrainian girls; she could not look me in the eyes when we first met, just like the rest of Tania's friends. From my experiences, on meeting Ukrainian girls for the first time this is normal; they can be very shy at first.

         We all went shopping for food and alcohol, then came back to my flat for drinks before dinner. The first photo on this profile is the photo I took of all the girls that evening before dinner; Ksenia is the second girl on the right next to Tania on the right. 

         At dinner, the girls all asked me questions about why I wanted to marry a Ukrainian girl and why Tania. They asked me to speak of my undying love for Tania, their friend at dinner. Also at dinner, Tania and I announced to everyone we would be married in a year or two. All the girls seemed supportive and happy. By the end of the evening, all the girls seemed to be having a good time and became very comfortable with me, except for Ksenia; she still could not look me in the eyes. 

         I found this very strange, as I had not experienced this with a Ukrainian girl hours after spending time together. Then I realized, Ksenia could not look me in the eyes because she felt guilty about something; I could see this in her eyes. Ksenia was clearly guilty of something. I later found out it was the fact she KNEW Tania was scamming me, she helped Tania lie, cheat, and steal from me. Ksenia is an accessory to this crime; she knowingly and actively participated. Ksenia was also hiding from me that Tania had a boyfriend, Nikita, the whole time. Nikita is also good friends with Ksenia. 

         Additionally, when I left Kherson to Odessa, I was stuck in Odessa for a couple days due to a flight mix up. I was trying to get in touch with Tania to let her know I could come back to Kherson for a couple days. I sent text messages to Tania on the cell phone number she placed publicly on Vkontakte while Tania was with me for 10 days. Tania had told me she was borrowing a cell phone from her friend Inna, since Tania's cell phone was broken.

        I will also note, I could have been in a very dangerous and terrible situation. I am a foreigner, who does not speak the language (Russian or Ukrainian), stuck in a foreign city. Luckily, I was able to get an English speaking person with the airlines at the Odessa airport and on my cell phone book a place to stay for two days. Since this was my second visit to Odessa, at least I was able to be resourceful about getting myself out of this potentially dangerous and terrible situation. It is normal to try to contact your girlfriend, the girl who said she would marry you in front of all her friends, in this situation. 

         Next thing I know, I am getting called from Tania's translator telling me I am creating problems for Ksenia. The translator stated the phone was Ksenia's boyfriend's cell phone. Ksenia's boyfriend was questioning the text messages. I guess Ksenia did not tell her boyfriend (who also knew of Tania's boyfriend, Nikitia, but apparently did not know his girlfriend was helping Tania scam me for the week). I got reemed from the translator and then later from Tania about sending text messges to this phone number Tania had placed on Vkontakte for people to contact her.

         The translator also told me Tania was now at her grandmother's for the next week and suddently "unavailable" to see me. Since Tania had just missed a week of her studies, this was clearly not likely she was at her grandmothers. I know Tania was with her boyfriend, Nikita, and all her friends including Ksenai were lying for Tania and helping her cheat on me. 

         Furthermore, Ksenia had a serious boyfriend, yet she had her profile online to look for foreign guys. I let her boyfriend know so she would remove it and not cheat on him the way she helped Tania lie, cheat, and steal from me. 

         Ksenia is guilty of dating fraud also - she is an accomplice to Tania and Lyubov helping Tania lie, cheat, and steal from me. It is disgusting this girl sat there with me for many hours, spent time with me, and listened for at least an hour about how Tania and I would get married in a year or two, the whole time KNOWING Tania was scamming me. There is no question this girl KNEW Tania had a boyfriend and the whole part about marriage in a year or two was a lie. This girl claimed she did not know Tania's sister, Lyubov, was the Director of an agency recruiting girls to scam money and gifts from men like me. Ksenia also claimed she did not know Tania made money off me from our chat time and meetings. As this girl is one of Tania' best friends, I find it hard to believe. If it is true, then Tania even lies to her best friends. 

         Here is Ksenia's profile on Vkontakte:

         Know that if you ever meet this girl she and her friends have no problem lying, cheating, and stealing from men as long as they get money and gifts. Another disgusting, terrible person. Beware of this girl.

         Below are the blacklistings for Lyubov Saiko (Tania's sister and friend of Ksenia) and Tania Saiko. This way you can see the whole story and how all these girls work together to commit the crime of dating fraud. They are all guilty of dating fraud. This girl is an accomplice to this crime.


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