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Irina Yuryevna Dryzhakova

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Irina Yuryevna Dryzhakova
First name, Last name: Irina Yuryevna Dryzhakova
Date of Birth: 20 June 1989
Country, City: Russie, krasnodar
Address: Morskaya ul., 49. Krasnodar - Russie.
Telephone: +79220661057
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josmenone's picture

In contacting you, he reveals

In contacting you, he reveals his shyness, he tells you that the men of Russia mistreat their wives and their children because of alcohol, who does not want courtship and such a husband in his life. She tells you that she is using mail from her boss or boss provisionally and then asks you to contact her to another email, send you photos where she shows her beauty and how sexy she is. He falls in love with the city in which he resides, as in my case it was Krasnodar and it is true, it is a beautiful city. All this manifested it because I am a man of few economic resources, that I do not become independent given that my country Venezuela reigns corruption and usury in all its areas. In view of my need that is purely real, she takes advantage of what is mentioned because it is my weakness and I specifically let her know, because I allow her to be persuasive with me because I let myself be carried by her textual charms by mail.

After so many compliments, falling in love, in short, you know, introduce me to his parents for photos, I think the idea of ​​going to Krasnodar and I get involved with the quality in which he lives and enjoys, quality of life that I want And I have fought to attain in my country and I have not succeeded, and I leave as a lamb to his flock. She gives me photos of her apartment and I also fall in love with her apartment, and to top it off with my stupidity, she offers me a room to go to live with her without having to pay for a hotel in Krasnodar, she proposes to meet us first before starting a courtship and A formal sentimental relationship (to get married). You can imagine the compliments or crushes of part and part (she and I), couriers of pure love, I love you and I miss you very much, to this are added a lot of photos, both of her and mine, because she Request photos too, remember that it is part and parcel of this stupidity, of which I am the only culprit ok.

Before proceeding, I clarify that I let myself be involved in that situation because in my country Venezuela, our women are interested or materialistic, if you do not have money in abundance do not pay attention, in my case I live in a neighborhood, I am middle class Which earned me a minimum wage, plus the devaluation, economic crises, corruption and insecurity throughout the territory of my country, I saw the opportunity of a Russian dream of Increasing Success. I continue with my story, after having been upset for two continuous months, we both expressed our meeting, I proposed that it be in Krasnodar, I was so crazy and stupid, that I would sell all my possessions to go to such a beautiful city, she Says that she can not receive me in her apartment because her parents sold her apartment and they had nowhere to stay and she agreed to her parents' request for that need. Then, she proposes to me the idea that she would go to Venezuela for our future meeting, she sends me photos of the travel agency her passport and writes me how anxious and anxious she is to know me and highlights that we will spend an unforgettable vacation. To the following message, she explains that she had not read the travel agency contract "Coral Travel" that she was required to pay the trip before a week for $ 560 because if they did not double the price . That thing that caught my attention, and I told him that no company forced to pay a fine, I showed him my economic situation as a salaried man and poor in my country, and to date the messages with photos and love ...

How about my friends, laughs (hahahahaha).

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