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Ekaterina Snegirewa, Ekaterina Snegireva, Ekaterina Snegiryova

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Ekaterina Snegirewa, Ekaterina Snegireva, Ekaterina Snegiryova
First name, Last name: Ekaterina Snegirewa, Ekaterina Snegireva, Ekaterina Snegiryova
Date of Birth: 10 April 1977
Country, City: Russie, Sarov
Address: Pionerskaya St. 18-159, Sarov, 607190 Nizhegorodskaya Oblast Russia
Telephone: 7610789, 0078362358989, +79600997516
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Samples of her messages:

I work in police. I'm sergeant of police. You didn't expect to hear it? Women work in police so often now. ;-) My speciality - the Dog-handler. I have a dog Stepler. She is a German shepherd. You can see my dog at photos. she is girl, she is 3 years, but very clever dog. she is able to find drugs in a train or the bus. there is a railway station in my city. Our work - to check train cars, to search for drugs and an explosive. It is difficult work. But I very much love my work and my dog. We are good partners.


do you want to speak by phone? I want to hear your voice. Lets we won't hurry up. Lets we will speak by phone in a 5-6 days. ok? you will sure in me more and i will sure i think, now we should continue correspondence. By the way, I have forgotten to ask, I am pleasant to you in the photos, you like my appearance??? I want to be pleasant to you.I wish you fine day. With best regards, yours Katy!!!!


Scheme fraud:

    There are already two russian girl scammers on here called Ekaterina Snegireva and Ekaterina Snegeriva. I am suspecting a girl Ekaterina Snegirewa who started chatting to me from, it's the same girl as the other two, the photos and date of birth match. She contacted me on, her profile said she was from Berkshire, England and that she was Japanese, also speaking fluent Japanese. Once we started chatting she told me that she is actually from Sarov, Russia. I noticed that she then turned off her profile on the japancupid site, she said she would only communicate with me from now on. She claims to be in the police, a sargeant as a sniffer dog handler. All the photos of her in uniform are convincing, maybe she really is. She claims that both her parents were in the police, her mum a lieutenant, and are now both retired, she sent 2 photos of them, an old one (b&w) and an up to date one. She also rang me on my mobile after about 1 week but it was very difficult to hear her, she's very softly spoken and there was lots of noisy traffic.


    She said she had some holidays coming up and wanted to travel to Europe. I agreed to put her up. After just over 2 weeks communication she asked me to sign an Invitation UK form which was sent to me from Sarov Travel (fake) and she now says it will cost £390 and she only has £100. Though she's not asked me for money it doesn't take a genius to figure out where this is going. (Why would you arrange to travel to the UK with only £100 to your name?) The same girl is also listed here on this website (below) under a slightly different name, same pictures.



    She took that guy for £1850 in total. Thankfully she's not had any money from me as I became suspicious and checked her out on the internet finding the pictures he posted used by the same scammer.


    She has continued to contact me and I have now had another email from Sarov Travel (, from Mr Ivanov this time who is part of the scam, telling me about their client Ekaterina Snegiryova (her surname's now changed). He has sent me addresses of Moneygram operators close to me and I should pay her this way. She never answers my questions, she probably doesn't even read the emails. I've now stopped replying to her emails and have not heard from her since she rang me asking for money.


    The last time Katy rang me she rang from the 2nd phone number that I have provided. She claimed it was her parents number, which I didn't believe. It shows up several times on the internet as being used by a scammer. The 3rd number, which she also claimed to be her parents number, gets just 3 hits in Google. The 3 hits all show the number from Mari El, Russia, a well known and well used scamming location. I'd really like a job tracking these criminals down, that really would be job satisfaction!

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Pashna's picture

This woman contacted me as

This woman contacted me as Ekaterina Mamaeva.   Same photos emails etc

Beware she is smart. She gets her marks to suggest sending money

The address was Sosina st 21-101 Sarov Russia 



dj92's picture

I knew her as Regina and have

I knew her as Regina and have all the same photos as well . Can't find her adress anywhere so I must have deleted it


Neil Woodward's picture

She has another name -

She has another name - Ekaterina Sergeevna Mamaeva - or maybe a combination of these. Clever, but not clever enough. It seems that, like most scammers, she will target men in their 50s or later ... though I'm sure that doesn't exclude younger guys!

Any advice on how to deal with her? Ignore?

julienfranck's picture

bonjour son adresse mail et

bonjour son adresse mail et son numero de telephone sont il bon ?( telephone :7610789 mail :

sa faciliterait la tache de mon avocat..

paul.winter67's picture



paul.winter67's picture



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