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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Evgeniia Yusupova, information sur scammeuse (Russie, Seversk)

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Evgeniia Yusupova, information sur scammeuse (Russie, Seversk)
First name, Last name: Evgeniia Yusupova, information sur scammeuse (Russie, Seversk)
Date of Birth: 04 November 1984
Country, City: Russie, Seversk
Address: je n'ai pas son adresse exact, me demande d'envoyer de l'argent à Moscou, alors qu'au début son lieu d'habitation était une autre ville
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Samples of her messages:

The matter is that my expenses have appeared above my financial possibilities! I can not afford to buy a plane ticket!

My expenses have appeared above, than I counted!To obtain a visa, you must have two tickets there and back! tickets cost 620 $!

I have paid all operational expenditure, but I can not afford to buy a plane ticket! I hope you me understand!

I have to ask you to help me with the purchase of tickets! I am ashamed to ask you for help, it is beyond my principles!! 

But I passed half way, I do not wish to stop on the reached! I hope for your understanding! 

We very long waited for this day, I have made everything, that was in my forces! 

Our meeting in your hands, from you depends our future!

Today I was in bank, I tried to receive the credit! Alas, I have no residence permit in the city of Moscow and to me have not given credit!

in the bank, I learnt about how I can get your help! 

The employee of bank has told, that by means of system of remittances "Money Gram", I can receive your help! 

You should tell only my full name: Evgeniia Yusupova  and country: Russia!

I understand, our meeting takes away a lot of time and forces! I count on you! 

To you I have opened my feelings! I trust you! 

Now our meeting, it only a matter of time! As soon as I will give tickets in embassy, I will receive the visa! 

I hope you will help me with visa reception!

I wish to tell, that I'm fine, but I cannot tell it! I worry from for the developed situation, time plays the important role!

i miss you! I wish, that you were near to me! Day after day, every minute i think about you! 

I want, as soon as possible to be in your hands! You the man of my dream! 

Words it is impossible to describe my feelings and emotions! I love you! I will wait your letter! I should have a rest! 

I  leave   my most  sweet  kiss  on  your  lips! With love and forever


Scheme fraud:
  • c'est une nouvelle tactique, mais pour les personnes qui ne sont pas très à l'aise avec l'Anglais et qui doivent utilisés un traducteur, c'est facile à voir, surtout quand on demande d'envoyer de l'argent par le système Money gram.

    le premier principe c'est de ne jamais envoyer d'argent par le système Money Gram

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