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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Julia Zhilinskaya, Юлия Жилинская

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Julia Zhilinskaya, Юлия Жилинская
First name, Last name: Julia Zhilinskaya, Юлия Жилинская
Date of Birth: 07 December 1993
Country, City: Ukraine, Zaporojie
Address: Запорожье, ул. Товарищеская, 37, 69121
Telephone: +380635651160
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Samples of her messages:

Hi, xxxx!)) You've made me EXCITED with your profile!   Can I pick your interest with my profile too?   

You know, my mom always told me, that being too loud and irrepressible is a nice thing, but when I was at school my teachers always punished me for being such))) I was a bad student to say the truth, because most of all I liked to talk with girls about new dresses or shoes, boys and anything else, but not to study! Even though I was a bad student I got only best (A) marks at school! 

What about you have you been a bad boy, xxxx?   Should I punish you? LOL   

I'm just curious do you prefer bad girls or good girls? )) 

I can open you a secret I was bad girl only at school, but as well I used to go at the piano lessons, and there I was really a good girl and studied as much as I can   I even got diploma in piano and music along with singing is my whole life now! I don't mind to change that and to dedicate myself to my partner though. 

I know what I want in my life and this is a real gentleman to share all life's upside-downs with. With the one who already knows how to take care of his woman. I am mature enough for the relationship with such real man! Even though women and men are so spoiled nowadays, forgot what love is... I'm willing to be outstanding, remarkable unit to show the world how should it be done! At this point I'll give myself away completely to create a foreverlasting union with the faithful partner   

So.. I would love to get to know you on a private level))) I think you are as passionate about life and music as me   

Would you like woman who would scream your name in front of the whole world to show how she loves you?))) Or would you enjoy a gentle whisper to your ear more? 

Super tight hugs))) 


P.S. do you have a special place to put my kisses on?))) Maybe after you watch my video and see my kiss, you'll decide

Scheme fraud:
  • Pseudo-bride with several PPL agents writing her letters in several dating websites operated by United Dating Agencies (UDA) in Zaporozhye. She lives with a boyfriend and will show up on cam-dates and real meetings with an interpreter. The scam is to keep you opening letters (PPL) and she is not shy to ask directly about gifts.

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