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Lyubov Drozd

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Lyubov Drozd
First name, Last name: Lyubov Drozd
Date of Birth: 16 March 1972
Country, City: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Address: Wein Osterreich
Telephone: +4369917133977
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Samples of her messages:

she uses viber and whats app mostly

Scheme fraud:
  • She pretends to be a senior financial manager, looking for high level contacts for work, projects, or consultant, so she can catch attention of possible victims at senior level (not poor men of course), she is smart, clever,cunning, suspicious, beautiful, and speaks several languages, the target  is to meet and go to vacation together, after she check if there are money, she go to vacation where she pays nothing, in high places, resorts, famous cities and yes she pay with sex, very expert, very proffesional and begin to milk money from men, shopping, tours, clothes, everything, she know how to be charming and a bitch too, after vacation finish,  drops you, and even block you,

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Aaaaagh, i was scammed by

Aaaaagh, i was scammed by this woman some years ago, yes perfect description of her behaving , very demanding , if the money finish or you have money problems , she don't mind ,  from lovely to monster bitch, i knew she was deported, but i checked that phone number , and  yes is active, yes very good business Vienna city to catch men, by this kind of proffesional scammers  Ukranian women have bad prestige.

She looks amazing, yes, a bit of photoshop, but even better than when I met her, I will post the photo that I have of the dating site, she now almost 50 years old, and it looks shocking.


It's great that you post this kind of information, i was very disgrace when she drops me, and big financial hole ahead to resolve.

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