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Marina , Arnaque sentimentale Russie

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Marina , Arnaque sentimentale Russie
First name, Last name: Marina , Arnaque sentimentale Russie
Country, City: Russie, Novosibirsk
Address: obskaya 139 apartment 7
Telephone: -953-796-8030
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Samples of her messages:

Did you get my last letter and a pic?I promised to tell you more about myself.My name - Marina.I'm 28 years old.I was not married and have no children.I work as a shop of women's clothing.I live in Russia (City - Novosibirsk).After 1 or 2 months I have come to your country.I'll get a student visa. I will study and work.We could meet you as friends or more.It is always interesting to find new friends.Several years ago, I lived in Australia, but came back to Russia.That was my mistake. Because life in Russia is very bad.I left Australia because I had to help my parents.I tried to write other people from your country, but they thought that I was scam.I want to assure you that this is not true. I'm not looking for money. I am looking only for friends and love.I attached a new pic. I'm not a model, but I hope you like me.Tell me if I'm interested in you.

Scheme fraud:
  • Prima dice di cercare un amico perchè vuole venire a studiare nel tuo paese, ti chiede informazioni e poi.....ti chiede soldi, attenzione usa foto di Anna Volcheckaya !!!!!

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Ana Volcheckaya, she is on

Ana Volcheckaya, she is on You Tube. She is a professional dancer with a group that tours the world. She has been in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This girl says she is coming

This girl says she is coming to the US but needed Visa money?

I would not wire money to someone I dont know but she claims she is coming here for University, lookd very fishy.


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