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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Nataliya janvier 10, 1968

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First name, Last name: Nataliya janvier 10, 1968
Date of Birth: 10 January 1968
Country, City: , Ukraine
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Samples of her messages:

Hello my dear Jean.I am very sorry that it took so long to answer your letter. I was busy this weekend and have no time to answer you earlier. The matter is that we had storm here before and it ruined the roof of my house and I had to repair it. So, it took a lot of time and energy and I hope you will excuse me that. My dear Jean, I would like to come and meet you at the airport but I can not say on 100 percent that I will be there before you come because as I said I will go to Odessa just after work. And it will take about 2 hours or more to come from my city to Odessa and then to airport. So, I think I could come just in your hotel where you will stay. You just write me your second name and name of hotel when you are going to stay, so, I could contact with you. What do you think about that? Ok, my dear, I have to go now and I will be waiting for your answer.Have a good day.Hugs and kisses,Nataliya

dernier message: elle ou il savait la date de mon départ.

Hello dear Jean.Unfortunately, I am not with you now and it is very upsetting. I had to go with my daughter in Kiev this weekend to the doctors. She has some problems with pregnancy and doctors here in Odessa asked her to go to kiev to do more analyses. So, I had to go with her because her husband is working and he has no chance to go with her. And here in Kiev we were bousy to do all these analyses and talk with daughters. i was very nervous and my daughter too. So, I saw how she is nervous and I could not show my worry to her. Now we are on our way home. I hope you are not angry with me. I hope I can be with oyu this evening but still i am not sure. When i come to you I explain all. Now I have no time, we have to go to the station. Please, do not be upset, I hope you have good time even if i am not with you this moment. I will try to connect with oyu this evening. Hugs and kisses,Nataliy

Scheme fraud:
  • après un échange de plus de 50 messages, décide d'avoir une rencontre physique en Ukraine, Odessa. Je lui ai donné le jour de mon arrivée à l'aéroport, le nom de mon hôtel. Elle ne s'est jamais présentée et s'est excusée d'avoir du amené sa fille à l'hôpital de Kiev.

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