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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Natalya Anisimova, scammer (Russia, Moscow)

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Natalya  Anisimova, scammer (Russia, Moscow)
First name, Last name: Natalya Anisimova, scammer (Russia, Moscow)
Country, City: Russie, Moscow
Address: address: 127576, Russia, Moscow, Ilimskaya str., 4, apartment 22.
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Samples of her messages:

Hello my lovely [xxxxxx]!!!

I am happy to receive your new letter!

I arrived in Moscow.

I rented a room in the apartment.

Mistress apartment very good woman.

I will write you the address, which now I live.

This 12 storey apartment building.

My address: Moscow, Ilimskaya str., 4, apartment 22. 127576, Russia.

[xxxxx], today I visited the embassy and the airport.

At the embassy I filled out and gave all the required documents for visa.

I liked the friendly people that work in the visa application center.

I saw the Consul, he walked down the hall and shook hands with all, he is a very serious and polite man.

They helped me absolutely with everything, I gave all the necessary documents, and took photos for my visa.

Now I am looking forward to my visa.

I met a girl and asked her how long it takes to get a visa,

she said that now everything is done quickly, since a lot of people wishing to obtain a visa and for this,

the embassy works much faster.

at the Embassy told me that I should acquire 2 ticket.

Airline tickets are needed to obtain a visa.

The fact that my visa is a "Tourist". I need to identify the exact date of my stay in your country!

it is a prerequisite for obtaining my visa!

I thought that the tickets can be ordered via the Internet, but the embassy said that now very strict rules.

According to the law I have to show the original plane tickets at the embassy, and a check for the purchase of the plane tickets.

which would have assured them at the embassy.

Embassy officials have to see the date of my departure to your country and date of return to Russia after 30 days.

I was told is the main condition for obtaining a visa.

I was very surprised with such rules, but I was told that it is important that fast to get a visa.

Today I personally visited the Sheremetevo airport and look the prices of airline tickets, airline choice is very large.

My dear [xxxxx] we need to hurry up with the purchase of tickets, as tickets need to provide the embassy,

that would be on my visa indicate the dates of my stay in your country.

I watched the plane ticket, the cost of one ticket is 1315 dollars.

I need to have 2630$ on two tickets, so that I could buy tickets.

[xxxxx], I did not want ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, as well as I have big expenses here in Moscow.

(housing, transport, food, documentation and other costs)

Now I have no money to buy tickets.

I paid at the Embassy for visa and medical insurance, as well as many other documents.

I also paid for rent a room. I did not want ask for money from you,

but I did not know what the cost of the room rent is so expensive!!! I was hoping my money will be enough!

I have a little money saved but I needed the money to live in Moscow.

Can you help me to buy tickets?

I already told you that needs to buy airplane tickets only in Russia, this is my proof for the Embassy!

I also must show a receipt for payment of air tickets.

Today I visited the bank, I needed to know how I can get money from you quickly,

as I was saying that the ticket prices are getting more expensive every day.

Employees of the bank told me that I could get your help,

there is a need for rapid money transfer system.

They said that there are system of international money transfer!

These system are called "RIA"


Now I will tell you the information that you need, so you can send me your help:


address: 127576, Russia, Moscow, Ilimskaya str., 4, apartment 22.

I hope you understand me, I spent a lot of money and I need your help.

My dear [xxxxx] when can I buy tickets?

I should know this, because we have little time, so I was able to meet its obligations to the embassy and get the visa. 

Already my visa is in the process of registration, I soon arrive to you!!

I am glad that I was able to begin the process of obtaining a visa,

the embassy said that if I buy tickets quickly and bring them to the certification,

then the visa can be done very quickly.

I hope that very soon we'll be together.

you see I made you a photo on the red Square.

it was my dream to see the Red Square as soon as arrived in Moscow, I decided to realize my dream, took the subway.

I asked a passerby to take a picture and video near the Kremlin.

I want to do for you many new photos!

I am very tired today, Moscow is a big city.

Please do not leave me without your letters.

I'm alone here, and I need your letter every day.

I always think about you!!! I miss you!!!

Kisses to you my dear [xxxxx]!!

I really hope for your support and I dream of our meeting!!!

Your Natalya.

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