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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Svetlana Serduk, fake dating (Ukraine?)

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Svetlana Serduk, fake dating  (Ukraine?)
First name, Last name: Svetlana Serduk, fake dating (Ukraine?)
Date of Birth: 19 August 1988
Country, City: Ukraine, ????
Telephone: 011380997244019
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Samples of her messages:

scam message.  

My dear Brad!
How are you doing?
All  what  i can say todauy is just WOW!! when i see you purchased the
tickets  it  makes our meeting so close and so real! i feel so excited
for this time coming, i believe i was never so anxious in my life.
Here  in  this  letter  i attach you my international passport copy as
promised,  and  here  send  the flight details. My flight days will be
October 14-October 29.

here are the details:


  • United Airlines, flight number UA9149  (October14)


  • 6:40  IEV Kiev, Borispol
  • 8:20  FRA Frankfurt, Germany, terminal 1


  • United Airlines, flight number   UA8864


  • 10:10 Frankfurt, Germany
  • 14:05 DFW Dallas Fort Worth, terminal D


Lufthansa flight number LH439  (October 29)

  • 17:05  DFW Dallas Fort Woth, terminal D
  • 08:50  FRA  Frankfurt, terminal 1  (October 30)

  • Lufthansa  flight number LH1492
  • 17:00  FRA  Frankfurt, terminal 1
  • 20:25  IEV Kiev Borispol

This  is  the  flight i was telling you about, please let me know what
you think. I  hope you feel good today and i will be waiting for your call in the
evening, missing you a lot! many hugs and kisses,


Scheme fraud:
  • US tourist visa and biometric passport scheme along with support money

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