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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Tatyana Shulika

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Tatyana Shulika
First name, Last name: Tatyana Shulika
Date of Birth: 17 September 1990
Country, City: , Ukraine
Address: Street Shevchenka nr.30,Volodarka
Telephone: +380 95 176 5178
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Samples of her messages:

This was her last message:


Hi...Dan, I don't know with what I should start. I was waiting till I calm down a little bit, but it still doesn't happen. So, I wrote you everything which had happen without any embellishments. Yesterday before evening I should go and pay for my tickets so I was in a hurry to be in time. I did not pay attention to anybody, I thought about how we meet, and if you like me, what to wear, what to say... Then I felt a sharp jerk back. Everything happened like in the film... at the same time very quickly, that I did not have time even to understand what is happening, but very slowly. I saw the shadow of a man who tried to snatch my bag, he has hit me on the head, but I kept on feet and didn't let the bag out of the hands... my whole universe was narrowed to this bag. Then he kicked me in stomach and I fell heavily hitting the fence. I lost consciousness, or maybe I just thought that, but when I was able to think coherently, neither the man nor the bag was not... I was like a drunk came home, lost in space. When I finally came there, it was night. Grandfather was so scared about my look... but I was so tired and had only one wish - sleep. Today in the morning, I went to police, but they didn't promise something, cause it's a common thing and I didn't see a man... then I went to work just to write you... I don't know, I felt so lost... Sorry, that I can't save money which you sent me... because it was in that bag... I don't know what can I say... Please forgive me, it's my guilt...

Scheme fraud:
  • She is very romantic and sensivive,she write a letter to me everyday 3 months.After that she is asking money for passport,plaine tickets and agency fees,her taxes utilities,and again tickets for plaine.After that she pretend that was robbed and ask money again.I was speaking on the phone too with her.She pretend that she works on a hospital in Volodarka and is living with her 70 years old grandfather.

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