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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman


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First name, Last name: Veronika
Country, City: Kungur, Russie
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Samples of her messages:

Hello my new friend Florian!!!How are you and how is your mood today??? I hope you are well. I am so happy to read your answer to my email. And your answer mean that you are interested in dating with me. And as for me I want to know you better too. I think you are very interesting person. I want to know all about you. And if be honest i waited your answer very much, I checked my inbox several times in hope to see your answer.After your answer I am very long thought about what write you in my first email, because it is my first experience in internet dating. And I think you want to know about me. I  am from Russia, the city I was born and live all my life is Kungur. I am 34 years old now. My birthday is 11 of April. My height is 169 cm and my weight is50 kg. I live alone in the flat that I rent not far from my parents. I like to visit them at my weekends. 8 years ago I ended and institute. I have a teacher education,  worked  some  time  as a teacher but pay very little and I decided  to find another job. Now I am working as a barmen in the bar.Not very good job for a girl, but I don't have any choice. And I spend very little time at home. (I don't have children, but I love kids, and sure that they love me, it is always very easy for me to speak with them and I easily understand what they want and like. What is your job??? Do you like it??? Why you choose this job???As I said I live in small town Kungur. It is very small but very nice town. And all my life I live here. We don't have here a lot of special places. But few parks where I like to walk. I think for the first email it is enough about me. I think if you have special questions you will ask me in your next email. It is very interesting for me to know all about you, to know exactly what a person you are. I have some questions about you too. What are you doing for living??? How many relatives live with you, or are you live alone??? Why you seek a woman in the internet??? What type of woman you prefer??? What qualities are main for you in woman????I am very glad to have a date with you. Hope it will start of somewhat nice and new in our lives. I wish you a good day and nice mood. Waiting your quick answer.Your new friend from Russia. Veronika.

Scheme fraud:
  • Elle vous envoie le premier message avec une adresse mail très bizarre où elle vous fait une toutes petite presentation.

    Elle vous dit aussi de l'écrire dans une autre adresse mail, puis la commence les chose serieuse avec l'autre adresse mail (romance, escroquerie, photos).

    Elle fait partie des photos beaucoup utiliser par les escroc anglophone, personellement c'est le 3e escroc que je vois utiliser les photos de cette jolie femme . (ça donne envie de savoir de qui il s'agit reellement.

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