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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Veronika Albertovna Ivanova

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Veronika Albertovna Ivanova
First name, Last name: Veronika Albertovna Ivanova
Date of Birth: 01 January 1979
Country, City: Kazan, Russie
Address: Russia, Shushary. Postcode 422710. Lesnaya Street 5 (according to her)
Telephone: +7937934431 (fake)
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Samples of her messages:

Hello My Only, Most Desired Happiness, My Destiny JuanJo!I sit in front of the computer and understand how happy and thankful I am that Life gave you JuanJo, know you JuanJo, talk to you JuanJo, love you JuanJo, write you a message across thousands of kilometers and cannot describe happiness in words. to be content with what life presents us the destiny, this is happiness in my understanding.what is happiness for you ? meaning of life ? tell me from your point of view, I know that you are the smartest and most beautiful man met in my life, it’s a pity that virtually (((in Life, everyone has their own mask dressed and they hide and hide themselves under the word "Happy."I'm really happy as a woman, and it's all thanks to you, my dear JuanJo.I’m not tired of repeating and saying gentle gentle kind words to you, how much I Love you JuanJo!The only thing death teaches us is: To hurry to love.I am waiting for this to happen to us and we will overcome the path to each other and will happily share the rest of our lives with each other.I was very worried from yesterday and at night I could not sleep peacefully, I was really shocked by the news and the rules for entering your country and these are restrictions and conditions for Russian citizens in many countries of the world.because now there are a lot of migrants!I was waiting for your answer my love JuanJo and I read carefully.I swore with an employee and she has been working for a long time and the management apologizes, I called the main office in Moscow and they confirmed to me that I would be obliged to show my financial guarantee and only then I would be given all permitting documents to travel to you my Love JuanJoThere is nothing to change anymore and travel documents are waiting for me at the Main Office in Moscow and the air tickets are paid (((I ask you my dear JuanJo, please try to find the necessary 3000 $ usa and I will confirm my financial guarantee and return the money to you right away the next day, I need to spend!I really want our meeting JuanJo!How do you feel today and how do you spend Friday? every day I ask you about it, health and how you spend the day, how you slept and what you eat. because this is the most important thing that bothers me in parting with you.One day, after we have mastered the winds, waves and forces of power, we will begin to use the full power of Our Love. And on this day, for the second time in world history, humanity will open fire for itself.Since yesterday evening, the weather has changed a bit and a cold wind has been rising, the warm sunny spring has not been long in our region.Today, weather forecasters warn of precipitation in the form of rain and possible snow at night (((The next weekend I do not like to plan and, as always, household chores or a are always in my heart and thoughts and I look forward to each of your messages with impatience.I wish you a good Friday and upcoming weekend, take care of yourself please JuanJo!tightly passionately gently hug and kiss you JuanJo.your woman Veronika

Scheme fraud:
  • She will inmediately fall in love with you, she will manage your feelings like a pro and when you send her money to buy airplane tickets, disappears for a couple of days without reason, then she ask you for much more money! saying there's nothing to do with or change the tickets date. She will not send you a proof of nothing!. Only fake info and more corny words trying to convince you.

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