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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Victoria Korol, Виктория Король

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Victoria Korol, Виктория Король
First name, Last name: Victoria Korol, Виктория Король
Date of Birth: 25 August 1985
Country, City: Ukraine, Zaporojie
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Samples of her messages:

I tried to ride once, John, and I like it now...any guess?))) John,you know, while being on a top, I suddenly understood it is mine and I decided to try it more by all means) Of course, you know what I mean under it, darling) horse riding is so exciting! 

And what do you think about my offer?) Is it fun doing?)) Oh, I am sure we should try it and you will know for sure)) As you see, the sense of humor is always with me, darling) Hope I'll bring some smile to your face, because I'd like this letter to be interesting for you and surely funny..But I just can't stop myself asking you) 

Have you ever tried it, John?) Oh, I am sure you should do it anyway... Sitting on top and feeling this power pushing you from below is just something unspeakable by words! Can you imagine, honey? In order to understand and remember it forever, you only have to feel it yourself... 

Would you ride together with me when being close or maybe some other types of riding are known to you,John? I'm sure you will show me anyway, that's what I thought when found your profile 

Wish you wonderful summer days and do not ride without me in Vancouver)) You promise? 

Waiting for you letter ) 

Hot kisses from flaming girl, 


Scheme fraud:
  • PPL agent writing letters for a number of other pseudo-bride girls including herself. Operates in several dating websites operated by United Dating Services (UDS) in Zaporozhye. The scam is to keep you opening letters (PPL) and she will ask very directly about gifts. Can be found in NatashaClub, VeronicaLove, BestDatingNow, 1st-international and many other sites.

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