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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman

Is Victoriabrides a scam site?

I like this page

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A stunning Ukrainian girls is sending me messages on this site but I'm a bit suspicious as our age difference is 25 years.

visitor (not verified)

Yes and No. 

My experience,  Victoriabrides/VictoriaHearts is a scam. BUT, some girls

are seriously looking for true love. Just have to do more research outside of 

the site.

I received tons of mail and messages. I mean like 30 in a single day. 

but, I dug deeper. Google image some photos, and search their names to be found 

on social networks like FB and VK and contacted these girls on social networks. 

NONE, of the girls I contact used the dating site...and they were paid to have their

photos used. With that said, the site is a scam! However, I did built good relations

with some of the girls who photos were used, just the fact I communicated with them 

on other social networks. 

LeBroc (not verified)

Yes I agree! I did find out after I idiot spent over 4k! The same girls over more that two years! It is not possible that so pretty girls will stay for such a long time alone! Hmmm, people larn by own mistake but my mistake was very expensive!
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Do you want to check how real the Slavic woman you communicate with? Write to us!

John Franks (not verified)

YES, YES, YES Victoriabrides and same company Victoriahearts are major scams. They own other sites too with same girls.

They say its a dating site with young woman wanting to marry foreign men but they never leave site as they get paid to talk to the men.

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