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If your have been scammed and you sent your money to Ukraine you can open a file against this woman


I like this page

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Think I might have been scammed by a Ukraine lady called Olga orOlya Malovana. I think she is also working for the travel agency who are also in on this scam. Discovery Think this might be a fake company. Has anyone else had any dealings with them please. Here is their detailscontact manager is Slabkovska Tetiana

our address is Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia town, Zhabotinskogo street 33e-mail address is 

Has anyone else had any dealings with this company and are they real or fake?

Mark (not verified)

Yes.  I've tried to send an international wire transfer to this lady named Olga at this discovery travel website.  I wasn't able to get any of the money transfer companies to send the money for me. Every one of these companies declined to send my wire transfer due to their concerns that it may involve fraudulent activity.  I was told they don't take credit cards. 

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