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Blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian women

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages Comments
Evgenia, Eugenia Nulenka, Nulenko 0 commentaire(s)
Alina Alina 1 commentaire(s)
ID 1000621895 Flaming_Vikki Victoria Korol, Виктория Король PPL agent writing letters for a number of other pseudo-bride girls including herself. Operates in... I tried to ride once, John, and I like it now...any guess?))) John,you know, while being on a top,... 0 commentaire(s)
Aleksandra Polygalova Aleksandra Polygalova Hallo Paul, Danke für deine Nachricht. Wie geht es? Ich werde ehrlich zu dir sein! Ich lebe in... 1 commentaire(s)
ALEKSANDRA ANDREEVNA ANDREEVA ALEKSANDRA ANDREEVNA ANDREEVA Normal 0 21 false false false RO X-NONE X-NONE... Normal 0 false 21 false false false RO X-NONE X-NONE... 0 commentaire(s)
MARINA NOVOSELOVA MARINA NOVOSELOVA Si identifica come donna molto seria, cerca partner per matrimonio, risponde sempre a quello che... Ciao il mio Maurizio, come stai, mio carissimo marito futuro? sono così felice per leggere... 2 commentaire(s)
Yulia 24yo ID: 163021 Julia Zhilinskaya, Юлия Жилинская Pseudo-bride with several PPL agents writing her letters in several dating websites operated... Hi, xxxx!)) You've made me EXCITED with your profile!   Can I pick your interest with my... 0 commentaire(s)
Kristina assistante chirurgien / Médecin  Kristina Contact directe sur messagerie, prétant être médecin/assistante chururgien, fais du volontaria pour... Dernier message: Bonjour Frédéric!!! Je veux te dire que tu es devenu plus qu'un ami pour moi.... 0 commentaire(s)
Olga LEBEDINA Olga LEBEDINA Ask for travel expenses, to send money to meet in real life. After that, disappears with money.... 1 commentaire(s)
Natalia  Sergeevna Natalia Sergeevna Elle tombe très rapidement amoureuse et veut venir en France pour vous rencontrer mais..... elle n’... 0 commentaire(s)
Her fake passport Marina VAHOVA  This liar is without a doubt one of the worst scammers I've ever met ... She really sucks ......   Ciao caro! Mi manchi. Io cosi voglio che tu sia accanto a me ora e voglio sentire il vostro... 0 commentaire(s)
Passport TatianaYakhina Tatyana Yakhina Asking money for a Travel Agency Sono molto felice di vedere che mi hai scritto. Sto aspettando la tua mail tutto il giorno, e... 0 commentaire(s)
svetlana nikitina svetlana nikitina si fa mandare i soldi per il viaggio in italia poi sparisce 0 commentaire(s)
Oksana Ivanova Oksana Ivanova Tombe tres vite amoureuse. Soit disant pas de caméra demande de l’argent pour ça puis pour les... 2 commentaire(s)
svetlana nikitina 0 commentaire(s)

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