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Blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian women

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages Comments
svetlana Zykina svetlana Zykina demande de l'argent pour payer billet d'avion de russie en france car elle veux vous voir car elle...  Bonjour J'ai rencontrer Svetlana sur le site OVS (on va sortir) de la région Valence... 0 commentaire(s)
Ada Halan Susan  Gentry Ada Halan Susan Gentry And now about the cost. State fee for the passport is 80 USD. Paymentfor medical insurance is 100... 0 commentaire(s)
Irina      Olga Shamsutdinova   Khalaberda Irina Olga Shamsutdinova Khalaberda  You can tell right away that this is a scam just ask a few questions and she just keeps... Darling I do not understand what kind of California you say ?? My ipaddress is in Russia !!! My... 1 commentaire(s)
Lyudmila ARMANOWA Lyudmila ARMANOWA  Lettre d'amour puis au bout de deux jours  elle veut venir en France pour 21 jours à... 2 commentaire(s)
elena voznaya Elena VOZNAYA Of the scam is essentially the same, meanwhile it makes you spend so much money on the translator,... sotiti messaggi di routine 0 commentaire(s)
Dinara Dinara Ask money for trip in your country and meet you, because she loves you..... Ciao!Sono lieto di ricevere la tua lettera. La tua risposta e molto mi piacque. Come stai? Qual e... 1 commentaire(s)
ELENA Kuznetsova 3 commentaire(s)
SHE IS A FRAUDE!!! IRINA DRYZHAKOVA I just want to know how much I can trust this girl , because all that happend seems to be too good... I just want to know how much I can trust this girl , because all that happend seems to be too good... 2 commentaire(s)
Olga Khalaberda Olga Khalaberda All chain letters for about three or four weeks then ask for money. Ask a few question and no answer Hello my dear  How are you? I was glad to read your letter.Each time I understand that you... 0 commentaire(s)
passeport valentina Domracheva DOMRACHEVA VALENTINA Communication par mail depuis 2 mois (tous les jours!) Rencontrée sur le site TWOO... Elle est... Bonjour mon amour !!!Je suis très contente aujourd'hui de voir ta lettre!!!Mon trésor gentil! Ma... 0 commentaire(s)
Juliya Albertovna Morrison Juliya Albertovna Morrison El plan es decir que desea conocerme y viajar hacia mi pais. Luego ella va a una agencia de viaje a... Hola mi amor Christian! Mi querida, gracias por su carta. Estoy muy deesperó su carta. Estoy muy de... 2 commentaire(s)
beach anastasiy Leskova, Katerina I read your letter, so you are a pity to me that as cannot help me with payment for the air ticket...  for me now there is no more happiness, than to love you, to be you favourite. I want to feel... 0 commentaire(s)
arnaqueuse et chantage Kseniya je corresponds avec cette femme depuis seulement 3 semaines, et elle voulait absoulument venir me... 0 commentaire(s)
bogdana bogdana person is not the real one 2 commentaire(s)
Dariia Dariia Elle ne m'a demandé aucun argent... pour le moment.Pour être sûr que ce ne soit pas une arnaque, je... Hello my dear Marc! I have just returned from Moscow. I had very intense days today and... 0 commentaire(s)