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Mariya Perevozchikova

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Mariya Perevozchikova
Nombre, Apellido: Mariya Perevozchikova
Fecha de nacimiento: 28 Diciembre 1982
País, Ciudad: Russie, Mozhga
Address: Kirova 20 427790 Mozhga Russia
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Las muestras de sus mensajes:
Hello! It is very pleasant to me that you answered me. I am very glad that interested you. I want to tell to you that I look for the man with whom I can create the serious relations. I want to find the man who knows that wants in this life. I want, that it was honest and sincere with me. I want, that our relations were on mutual understanding. What do you think of it? Tell, what you look for in the woman? What do you want to receive from our acquaintance? I think that we should know each other better. I want the man on whom it is possible to rely completely to which I will trust completely. I think that the man should be the main thing in a family, and the woman should store the family center. You will agree with me? I do not love, when me deceive. I think that we should be sincere and honest before each other. I want to tell a little about myself. Certainly it is difficult to tell something about myself because I for the first time get acquainted with the man by means of the Internet. It is very unusual to me. But I will try to begin. That I can tell about the character. I am an optimist. I am not lost in difficult situations because I think that all difficulties are tests. I think that my character soft. I do not love quarrel and when people raise the voice. I think that any problem should be solved peacefully, without the evil and shout. I understand that all of us differ that there are no ideal people. But that we differ, it and does us by the personality. It is difficult to write about itself in one letter. I think that in the subsequent letters we can study each other to understand, we are suitable for the serious relations or not. I want, that you as wrote about yourself. It will be very interesting to me. Tell please, what you love, what your hobby? Tell about your way of life. I want to learn really, whether you want the serious relations? I do not want to waste time in vain on simple correspondence as I look for the partner for the serious relations. Tomorrow I will wait your letter. I hope that our acquaintance will proceed. Your new girlfriend of Mariya.
Esquema de fraude:
  • La jeune fille a utilisé le site de rencontres, écrivant que elle était de Zug (Suisse) avec le prenom Mascha, depuis changé in Mariya.

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Hello Who will get the real


Who will get the real name of this person?

And such known?

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bonsoirquel et le vrai nom de


quel et le vrai nom de cette personne 

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The girl is a scam.

The girl is a scam. Everything is fake. Don't fall in its trap!

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