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Yuliya Nemushkina

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Yuliya Nemushkina
Nombre, Apellido: Yuliya Nemushkina
País, Ciudad: Russie, Nizhniy Novgorod
Address: Pervomayskaya 43, apartment 87.
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Las muestras de sus mensajes:

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Hello Hello …….! To me it is very pleasant that you have written to me! I hope that ours with you acquaintance will bring to us only positive emotions! In general that I the usual girl. But all my girlfriends and friends speak that I very bright and incendiary person - soul of any company! It is very pleasant to me to receive such compliments! There can be you will ask a question why I have written to you from such quantity of men...  - It is simple to me to give on it to you the answer... I have decided to choose your questionnaire at random simply! One of several thousand questionnaires! In a life to me always carried and on it in basic me it is necessary to be guided by intuition in a choice of men. I as do not wish to speak big words such as for example Oh I is lonely, I search to myself unique, I wish to love till the end of the life and so on... There is I no it will not speak because in a life it as it is not reflected on the further future of the person.  Generally at present I would like to get acquainted simply with you, to learn that you for the person,  than you are engaged, what formation at you, whether sociable you, whether positive you the person well and  all that you would like to tell that itself first of all to me...

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By the way wished you to ask you for a long time there was a sex? Personally at me it was not for a long time already... I met earlier men but all it was why that in the end not seriously... Who that wanted from me simply money in whom that I saw that it was not ready to relations. Why that all so well developed... I look now at my photos and I represent you near to me on a sandy beach as we with you gently touch to each other as ours with you lips merge in a passionate kiss as you strongly mass my body in literal sense touching me everywhere where only it is possible... Then you move apart to me my feet and lay down on me all body... Waves cover us, warm sea water washes our bodies, you remove from me my shorts and you see as mine pusy in the juicy juice would wish that your member has entered into me... I lay under you all helpless and you fuck me as it is possible increase the rate more strongly... Then you overturn me faced to the sea and put me on knees and start to fuck me in an ass... Oh my hand already in shorts and I hardly write you these words... Now I would will go to a shower that really it to present.... I so want it.....

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My dear excuse that I could not write you yesterday my letter but I had some affairs concerning the contract. I have come very much late home and I simply not in forces was to you to write ( But now I can make to you it. I see that you know that you could suit cheaper trip for me, but I wish to tell to you That business in money and in my mum. She would speak that you would send half of cost of my trip only for this purpose that she could be convinced of your reliability then I can back send you your money... You understand my dear? Today I as would would like that you have added me in skype here it I hope that there we with you can soon talk. Now I will wait for your answer! Yours Juliya!



Esquema de fraude:
  • Usual sheduled! She sent me letter telling choosed me among many profile but without never seen my profile. I plaied game. She told was a model and gain very well to pay all exspense to come to me!  Used very hard sexy word. In the last letter as usual asked me money for trip (an half me and an half her and when she at home will come back me money).

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