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Elena Anischenko, Yulia

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Elena Anischenko, Yulia
Nombre, Apellido: Elena Anischenko, Yulia
Fecha de nacimiento: 14 Junio 1983
País, Ciudad: Russie, Nizhniy Novgorod
Address: Prospect Korablestroiteley 33-14,Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhniy Novgorod area, Russia. 603005
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Las muestras de sus mensajes:

Hi my love!I read your letter and have understood it completely because I haveunderstood, that you have no such strong feelings, but I think, thatthey will appear, I am assured of it completely and I think, that allwill be in the best way.I have good news for you. Yesterday I learnt good news about ourmeeting. Oh my God I am so happy. Kristina connected with her auntAnjela and she wrote me a letter where gave me the full informationabout the trip to you. I will have to get visa, international passportand also insurance for my health. Without these papers I can't come toyour country. They will be ready in 15 days after the payment. I willbe able to get tourist visa for 90 days and if something goes wrongbetween us I will be able to come earlier at any time. I will receivethe info about the plane tickets later. I need your help. DearPhil please help me to come to you. If you can please send me 430euros for the registration of my documents. Visa for 90 days will be60 euros and I will also need money for international passportinsurance and other expenses for the trip and also a short living inMoscow when I register visa. That's why all in all for documents Iwill need 430 euros. I will have to go to Moscow to make visa it iseasier and quicker. I must pass medical examination and payment forinsurance and passport to go abroad. I can't go abroad without it. Ineed this money as soon as possible to begin making papers for ourmeeting. If you can send money today I won't be worried that we havelittle time for our meeting. I would like you to send money throughMoney Gram - international money system transfer. It is situated inmany in many banks and shops of many countries and in your country aswell. When you transfer money by Money Gram I will need control numberwhich will consist of 8 numbers. I hope you will be able to help mequickly. This info is given by Kristina. Without this number I won'tbe able to get money. My love Phil I understand that it is a bigsum for you but in Russia I can't find this money either. I hope youunderstand? We love each other very much and we will be together I amsure my dear Phil. I wait and dream of our meeting in the airport.I think I will even shout when I will arrive and it will be a screamof happiness. I wait and dream how we go for a walk hand in hand. Myfriends also know that I come to you and they are happy that we foundeach other. The wish to be with you is so great my love Phil andalso I hope to receive a quick answer from you. Your lady forever.


P.S. My full data:Elena AnischenkoProspect Korablestroiteley 33-14,Nizhniy Novgorod,Nizhniy Novgorod area,Russia.603005Your love Elena.


Esquema de fraude:

    voleva il denaro per raggiungermi in italia,ma fortunatamente mi sono accorto in tempo della 

    grande truffa,ho trovato le sue foto il altri siti di donne che truffano,

    questa e la seconda che becco


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Imagen de Leszek Wesolowski

Hallo Elena,Nach lange Briefe

Hallo Elena,

Nach lange Briefe schreiben mit „Tatyana" war auf einmal Ende. Ich war seher Verliebt in Dich und ich war bereit aufs Ganze. 

Habe schöne Bilder bekommen und dann das grausame Ende . Wieso macht das jemand.

CIMG1018.jpg CIMG1046.jpg CIMG1032.jpg CIMG1062.jpg

Elle a un second nom "MARINA

Elle a un second nom "MARINA SHILIHINA" et son adresse est la même/ PROSPECT KORABLESTROITELEY 33-14, NOVGOROD 603005 RUSSIE

A dire che c'ero caduto pure

A dire che c'ero caduto pure io , ma poco prima di mandare i soldi mi sono accorto in tempo, quando ho dato un'occhiata in giro su internet...da me si faceva chiamare anna.

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