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Khmylova Lyudmila

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Mujer de verificación
Nombre, Apellido Khmylova Lyudmila
Fecha de nacimiento 09 Marzo 1984
País, Ciudad , Ufa
Dirección Kommunarov 75, 450065
Correo electrónico
Las muestras de sus mensajes
  • Hello my love Ryan! How are you? I'm glad you like my voice :). It was wonderful to wake up one morning with you in the same bed. You would still sleep. And I would kiss you. You would wake up happy with a big smile on your face :). My kiss would be gentle and sweet. You would open your eyes with pleasure.I would ask you: “How did you sleep, my Ryan?”. You would answer my question, then kiss gently on the lips. That's how we would start one beautiful morning from many others that will be in our life in the future.I am also very happy that my parents approved of my desire to go to you, and to be with you. you are right, my parents completely trust me, my decision. they believe that you are a good man. and you will make me happy.Today I spoke with a friend at work. I said that I was planning to go to you, to another country, to meet with you. But just do not know how to do it better. My friend advised me to contact a travel agency and learn about everything from them. Tomorrow I will try to visit the agency. When I find out all the information, I will immediately inform you about the date of my arrival.Do you want me to tell you about your day? I always woke up at 7 am. Quickly dressed and went for a run. Today I ran for 20 minutes. Came home, took a shower. After preparing breakfast, today for breakfast I had scrambled eggs and a sandwich with cheese. Then she made coffee, turned on the TV, watched the news, quietly inhaling the aroma of coffee. At that moment I was thinking about you.I thought what are you doing now? I wake up every morning with the sole desire that this morning begin with you. And every night I fall asleep with another desire to sleep in the same bed as you. When I'm at work, I dream that you come to me. and you took for a lunch break in some cafe. These are my dreams. Do you like them? You say, I dream a lot. Perhaps you will be right. I love to dream of us together.I dream every day to be only with you. I know when we meet, we no longer want to leave each other for a minute. When I am with you, I will be with you all the time. Everything will be fine and wonderful here. I always think we will be a great pair. like other couples which I see often enough, those who really love each other. Such pairs can be seen immediately. They are visible to the eyes of the crowd of many people :). They are really uplifting. When I see them, I think of you :).My love Ryan, in the evening I will go home. On the way, I go to the store, buy groceries. At home we ran out of stock. Today I have a lot of work, and I'm already tired. I want to come home and have a massage for me. I am sorry that at this moment you are far away. But through this distance I love you more and more every day. Now I need to finish the letter.I love you!Gently kiss you, your always Lyudmila

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I have received the same

I have received the same messages with the same information. It sucks that they are doing this to people.  

I’ve been speaking to this

I’ve been speaking to this person for a couple of months now. She seems like someone I’d be interested in getting to know better, so I’d like to verify her information and see if some of the things I’ve been told are true.

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