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scam profil 


First name, Last name: Victoria Dreval' Country, City: Ukraine, Lugansk Address: rue Karl Marx, bâtiment 5, appartement 40 91055 Lougansk ---


I had met Viktoria Dreval through I began writing to her and the arranged to meet her late October of this year.

I said that I would get a hotel to rent for the few days I was going to be there before my trip back to USA. She insisted that she could get me a apartment cheaper than the hotel. I agreed to this since at this point I trusted her.


She met me at the train station and then drove to a gas station to fill up an empty Mazda. I paid for the gas, and then we went to buy a few groceries.

Then we went to meet the landlord to pick up the key for the apartment. We met the lady and I paid for 3 days stay at the apartment for well over $50 USD per day, I had to pay it because I believed her good intentions and I did not have any other option after midnight. We went to the flat and Then she left, saying that she had work early the next day.


In the morning she took me to pay some guy who supposedly rented her the Mazda, she told me it as $150 USD. Again over priced but I did not want to cause her any problems with this gorilla.

I had met her two additional days, where she took me out to buy her various items of clothing and jewelry. We finally concluded when I had run out of money. Then the next day she was too busy with work, I left on the train and then took a taxi to the airport and back to USA.We continued to write each other, and then she needed money for a passport and visa $350.00 USD.

She also said she needed boots because hers were not winter boots and it was very cold. I sent her $150.00 for the boots, and then she said it was not enough so I sent an additional $70.00.Her letters then said she needed me to come back, because she missed me.

I looked into finding a rental apartment through an agency, but then Viktoria insisted that she had already found one, and had spent a significant amount of time doing so for me. So again I thought that I should make her happy and agree to let her handle the apartment. I bought a ticket to Ukraine, Kiev, and then a charter flight from Kiev to Lugansk.

She picked me up with her female cousin Valeria, in the same white Mazda. I began to get suspicious because some of the same junk from my last visit was in the back of the car. If it was a rental, it should not have the same things from well over a month before. Then again we went to fill up the empty car. Then we drove to the Land lady to get the key for the apartment.

I was driven to the same apartment as last time. THis was another warning sign for me. The apartment was overpriced, but again now it was too late to get an apartment and I had checked earlier and all the hotels were full. We went into the apartment and they stayed a few minutes then they had to leave, she said she had to go to moscow Russia on a business trip for a week or two. Long enough not to have to see me again.

By this time it was too late, I had given most of the money I had to the land lady, (probably part of the scam) wasted money on plane tickets. Then the next day the cousin Valeria comes to pick me up, she takes me to a travel agent and wants me to pay for 3 people to go to Dubai for a week.

Of course they need money right now to hold the tickets. I said I did not know about it because Viktoria did not seem too romantic, and why would she want to go and spend a week with me in the same hotel room. Of course Valeria says, no she wants to spend the week with you in the same bed. I finally tell her that I only have $200 left to last me till the end of the month.


Amazingly the $200 is exactly the amount I need to pay for a deposit to hold the 3 tickets. We left and I returned to the apartment alone. I tried to contact Viktoria by phone and text but was ignored, until I got one message "I am working". I asked the cousin the next day if she had heard anything and she said yes Viktoria is fine.


Today Viktoria finally text me asking for money. I ignored the text because while I had been alone these past 4 days I searched and found her name as a scammer. I felt sick to my stomach and was heart broken.

She had said she loved me and we would get married. I found the same letters word for word she had written to me, and to other men she had scammed.


Below is the information on the wire transfers. I do not have a cost on the other things she had me pay for on her shopping spree, I do know that one was a jogging suit from adidas for $89. All in all at least over several thousand US Dollars.

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Je cherche l'amour 

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Guillaumeee (non vérifié)

Sur un site de rencontre Charmdate, un profil est utilisé au nom de Galina Sirenko.Elle utilise un compte Facebook au même nom, mais ne répond pas aux demandes d’amis. Elle fonctionne uniquement par messages sur ce site.//Arnaque évidente!...

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Perdu plus de 1000 euros sur Anastasia, à éviter

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J'ai  pas été victime de ces escrocs car je sais comment ça marche cette arnaque, mais honnetement j'ai été sur le point de payer tellement les photos sont belles et tellement ces filles sont "intéressées"

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First name, Last name: Maria Martskaya
Date of Birth: 23 November 1995
Country, City: Ukraine, Kiev

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