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Ksenia Knushka

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Ksenia  Knushka
Il nome, Il cognome: Ksenia Knushka
Data di nascita: 31 dicembre 1973
Nazione, Città: Russie, ---
Address: Ioshkar Ola. Russie
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Lettre 1 22 novembre


I’d like to start my letter with a great hello Erwan. I’m trying tofind my mate like thousands of other people... May be it sounds too banal... But anyway I still do not lose a hope that my dream will come true one day! I’ve became an internet user some year ago, but I’ve been disappointed many times during this period of time.I wish to tell to you at once, that no money is necessary to me. If we decide to meet, the meeting will be in Ioshkar Ola. I not the mercantile woman, but I wish to tell, that I do not want, that my man had financial problems, credits. Many men complain of financial problems. I invited one man to Russia. But he has answered me, that has no possibility to pay for the ticket. And in correspondence he wrote, that has no problems. I do not want, that words dispersed from actions. I want, that my man could care of me. I do not say, that I demand gifts and ornaments. Elementary I want, that my man could buy to me always a new dress or invite me in cafe. And if I want to visit Russia once a year that it did not interfere with it or have gone with me.I received a lot of letters from different men. And I received a lot of insults in them … For example, that Russian women deceive men from other countries. I've read a lot about it in the internet, and I understand today’s worries of foreigners.But I’d like to explain that not all women in Russia act like that. A wise man will always be able to distinguish a real woman from the false bride. I will repeat, that I not the mercantile woman and I am ready to work also in the new country.Thousands of people from our planet find their happiness, and I am sure I also worthy of this.I wish to tell at once, that I cannot have children. I lived for myself and the parents. Now I began to feel one-which and I wish to leave Russia.I wish to reverse the life.Please, tell me more about yourself, your family, your work.I have a cell phone, but I'll tell you my number only when I realise that I know you well. I had a bad experience before. I gave my phone number to one man, and called me many times a day, even when I said that I could not talk, he did not understand me. After that I even had to change my number. I will tell you my number for sure, but please be patient, ok?I the real the woman and me real relations are necessary!! I think I have told you enough for today. I hope you are interested in continuing our dialogue and knowing me better. I am waiting for your answer.Ksenia


Lettre 10 : 9 décembre


Dear Erwan, I am very glad to receive from you the letter today!! Ihave chosen you, to that-that you the interesting man! And why now youask such question? Why you have chosen me? After all there are women,more cleverly, more beautifully! I went to agency and all have learntabout a trip. With has called parents that they helped me to solve aquestion on payment. I spoke with them about a trip. The main thingabout payment. I asked them to help me, but parents have offered mesuch variant to pay for travel 50/50. How you think? I want to arriveto you for Christmas, and to spend with you this remarkable holiday.We will decorate together Christmas tree, and to make a celebratorydinner. your country the Christmas is on December 25, and in RussiaNew Year on December 31 and Christmas on January 7. We can learn eachother better and to spend unforgettable romantic time together. I havefound the special offer in travel agency, trip for Christmas in yourcountry only for 900euro. THIS CHRISTMAS OFFER of AGENCY. In some daysalready there will be a rise in price of permits. It is very cheap, incomparison with other offers, and I hope, that for you havepossibility to help me. Dear, I very much want to be with you in thisChristmas …. Presumable date of the flight - on December, 23, and Ican stay with you till January, 15th. I have written to you, thatbefore the holiday I sign the contract on work the next year. Suchrules of our organisation. I do not wish to sign the contract. I wishto visit your country and to see the eyes as you live, to see you. Ifall is pleasant to me, I will come back to Russia to collect allthings. The most important thing now not to waste time. If we cannotmeet in these dates following my holiday will be only in a year. I donot wish to remain in Russia, I have solved it! Dear if you want, youcan contact with the travel agency and find out about this more, Iwill give contacts. I wait your answer more likely!Yours Ksenia



Schema di frode:
  • Rusée la dame !

    Commence par une lettre (vient du site Russian Cupid) ou elle dit qu'elle veut que cela soit l'homme qui vienne car elle n'est pas une arnaqueuse ! Au bout de quelques lettres qui sentent le copier/coller et ou elle ne répond pas aux questions, dit qu'elle veut que je vienne mais là dans les 15 jours car elle est sous contrat et doit reprendre si cele ne se fait pas ! Dans l'imposibilité (c'était prévisible de sa part) veut venir mais à besoin d'aide 900 @ demande de passer par une agence de voyage (surement complice).

    Quand je lui propose un autre mode , disparait complétement !!!

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 maintenant elle s'apelle Marina toujour sur Russian cupid

elle est d'irkutst

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toujour la meme arnaque elle dit quelle veut que ce soit l'homme qui vienne

au bout de quelque lettres veut venir

elle peut venir que maintenant car elle a un contrat de travail d'un an

pas assez d'argent pour venir et demande 900 euro pour payer agence de voyage


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