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Il nome, Il cognome: inna,inessa
Data di nascita: 01 dicembre 1986
Nazione, Città: Ukraine, Krivoy Rog
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 I miss here for you and want to be with you on Valentine's Day. This is my biggest dream, honey! Dear I made some search to make my trip for you possible.. First thingwhat  they  asked  me was availability of international passport. I donot  have  it but I have to make it. That is what I do not know when Iwill  start  to  get  it  because it will cost me money that I have tospear  from now on. They gave me a prises for two weeks 250 $. That made me not so happy. Yes, it takes  time  maybe one day or couple months, it depends from money butthat  is  mach for me. You know  , I knew that first of all I mustdo  the  foreign  passport  but  ..  I want to be sincere with you.. Ihaven't  got such possibility to do it on my own way. I am so upset :(I don't know what to do, because I so want to meet with you!Dear i will finish my mail here i am so upset. I am thinking ofyou))i dreamed of us yesterday, and i wonder how your kiss taste like.mmmmI want to kiss you in real life


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  • toujours la même , ça devient lassant!

    après un mois de mails  réclame de l'argent pour faire les documents.

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Exact, Ne recherche que

Exact, Ne recherche que l'argent et uniquemnt l'argent.

C'es comme précédement, l'excuse est la traduction. 

M'a envoyé des photos très sexy. 

Hi dear , it's me, Inna from

Hi dear , it's me, Inna from russian-personals. I'm  very glad that we have moved on personal correspondence. Now we can  know  more  about  each  other  and  no one will become a barrier between us. I'm  loyal, honesty, trustful, sensitivity woman and I hope you are special man that I'm looking for, Eddy. Who knows maybe I am the woman who you are looking for my dear! :))Hope you will answer me as soon as possible)Warm regards, Inna :)

Ritratto di ferna

Definitely looking for money

Definitely looking for money and just for money!

The following is an email received after confronted with the information on this site:



dear, I can only imagine now what happens in your head. I was also very surprised by this ... Once I talked with a man who liked me, I thought that I could be with him in real life, and we wanted to meet, but I also had a communication with you and I fell in love with you and I have decided that you are my destiny, and I want to be with you, Fernando.


when I told him about you, he said that he will do everything possible so I would not be happy and it is he sent my emeil address on websites for poor people. order not one man paid attention to me ..

I'm sorry that you are found it. I hope you will forgive me and understand me

Love is a strange thing, and I can not without you. you are my only

I love you








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