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veronika efremova

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veronika efremova
Il nome, Il cognome: veronika efremova
Data di nascita: 17 gennaio 1988
Nazione, Città: Russie, Sarov
Telephone: +7 (903)061-95-48
E-mail: "V. E." <>
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While I understand you being cautious, please Paul, know I am real and genuine woman, and i have had my heart broken before! I know firsthand the pain and how long it takes to mend a broken heart. You should understand, I too have had a lot of disappointments from internet and actually from my real life here over Russia. I am tired of the various games which some people play and i do realize how you may feel.. Genuinely, I am very excited you want to know me, and I feel you are very sincere about meeting me. I like that very much Paul but as we discussed before i am short for travel with money what is hard to get or borrow. I hate to talk about money at all! Anyway, you have my full attention since i am interested to come and see to come and visit you to let us enjoy getting to know each other. I feel mostly bad that once i started to make plan for travel arrangements to proceed with documents, you do not believe my true intentions just because of actions from other people. It seems like the big walls showed up around your head and something even changed in your personality, what made me wonder where is that man Paul whom i knew and liked from the first letters???  I am really sorry you may feel that bad way about me... NOW I SINCERELY DESIRE TO PROVE YOU PERSONALLY THAT YOUR DOUBTS ARE A SHAME!  I am thinking that you are worth of knowing man and that trip may be successful for us. I hope you realize what i really want in my life? Not a money, but a right person for right relationship, and i want to see your real genuine life-style. Here i am tired of being alone and I need someone special to wake next to each morning, to share my meals with, to discuss the day with and of course to make hot passionate love if we get on up to that level.

Schema di frode:
  • Après un contact personnel dans la boite mail, elle m'a fait part de son désir de quitter la Russie

    Nombreuses photos - la femme est belle - pour susciter une première rencontre. Elle devait se passer sur Paris, à sa demande.

    N'a pas répondu aux différentes questions et propositions de faire autrement. Menaces astucieuses de ne pas donner suite.

    Besoin d'argent pour son voyage - besoin d'argent pour les avoir en liquide pour le consulat et la douane.

    Elle n'est jamais venue.

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