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Inna Egorova

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Inna Egorova
Il nome, Il cognome: Inna Egorova
Data di nascita: 19 maggio 1990
Nazione, Città: , Ukraine
Telephone: +380 663354799
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Hello, my love, my dearest man on the all planet! Are you waiting for my letter?)) I don't want to make you wait, so here I am, writing to you. It is the first thing what I wanted to do this morning)) Writing to my Sergio. Lately I can feel like I am flying, I can feel that I have wings under my back, it is sound so simple and maybe silly, but it is so. You give me unbelievable feelings I wish you could feel at least half of it, then you will know how I am feeling about you! The weather outside is still good and so I decided that it is time to come in good shape, I want to look good for my man, for you! So I will begin to running from this day. I don't sure that I will be able to do it in the mornings, but after work I think it will be nice. I love this feeling when you are doing outdoor activities, after it you are feeling power in body, what you didn't have before and also you are full of energy, what is also good. What about you? Do you love outdoor activities? Maybe you will make decision to run together?) For example, in the fresh air, it will be wonderful... but I think for the first time we will have much more pleasant things to do!!)) I hope that you are having a great day, good mood and full of positive energy, I cannot wait to see you here!!Missing you.

Schema di frode:
  • She write you , and tell "you are her love", and after writing 2 weeks, begin to ask you money, she lives her grandmum , and hasn´t morder mobile phone, but has what s app in her job, and finally, tell you she is in hospital and need money to be operated seriously, and you can not visit her....

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