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Si vous avez été arnaqué et si l'argent a été envoyé en Ukraine vous pouvez contacter la cyber police ukrainienne pour déposer une plainte

Liste noire des femmes russes et ukrainiennes

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Photos of scammers Nom, Prénom Schéma de l'arnaque Echantillons de ses messages Commentaires
Olga the scammer -(the cutest one...) Olga Kuzmina "Please give me 2900$ or I couldn't reach your contry in time for a bl***ob"... Hi my friend! I am glad to see your new letter. Thank you for your words and kindness. Your concern... 0 commentaire(s)
Anisa Ibrahim Dating website scam, pretending she is looking for marriage and then the same story of money... 0 commentaire(s)
Irina Irina Gave phony name and address for her travel agency. Was going to pay for trip originally then her... 0 commentaire(s)
Julia Percheska Julia Percheska Dopo mesi di relazione in chat Chiede denaro per viaggio e biglietto poi scompare I'm looking forward to meet youYes good , u send me close to my trip money. Of course i not go to... 0 commentaire(s)
andrevna Anastasiya korobeineikova andrevna Anastasiya korobeineikova Elle vous contacte en français plus que très bienau bout de trois/quatre mois veut venir et elle... 0 commentaire(s)
Ilona Arsentieva Ilona Arsentieva Claims to be single, but this man, Egor Suvorov and her travel together, visit each other at flats... "I have no other men and can only denpend on you." We have to talk. If you don't talk to me someone... 2 commentaire(s)
Anastasia Ivanowa Anastasia Ivanowa 0 commentaire(s)
Berta Ilona Khromova Berta Ilona Khromova She is a lier and a scammer. Only wants money for her sick mother, her credit and so on! Please help me..........I need money for food and to pay my credit 0 commentaire(s)
darya yuryevna sinyaeva darya yuryevna sinyaeva 0 commentaire(s)
FAKE PIC Karina Slipich FAKE PROFLES. PayPerLetter scammer. Has multiple profiles, not just Ukraine dating sites, but also... 2 commentaire(s)
Tatiana Tatiana Cette "dame" commence à envoyer des messages affectueux, mais ne répond pas aux questions que vous... Hoy tenía una conversación con mi de los jefes a propósito de las vacaciones. A nosotros en el... 2 commentaire(s)
VALENTINA VLADIMIROVNA VASILEVA VALENTINA VLADIMIROVNA VASILEVA Contacta por Tinder, dice que habla español porque su madre es profesora de la universidad y poco a...  Buenas tardes mi amor xxx, como tu humor Espero a tú era el día bueno hoy.  No puedo... 1 commentaire(s)
Fake photo. Iryna Korotiuk This woman has used photos of Victoria Lopyreva who is a Sports TV presenter an was Miss Ukrine... Hello love George, I had a beautiful dream tonight. I woke up with a happy smile and thoughts about... 0 commentaire(s)
[Marina Syemushkina Marina Syemushkina Cette personne vous contacte sur un site de rencontre.Ensuite elle passe par une société de... Honey, I have arranged the ticket. I do not come to Charles de Golles at 21:00. I am coming at 17... 0 commentaire(s)
Vitovshchyk Svetlana money cheating How  are  you?  Svetlana  is here! the one you met on datingsite!  I... 0 commentaire(s)