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Yandex Viktoria

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Femme russe ou ukrainienne a verifier
Prenom, Nom Yandex Viktoria
Ville, Pays Ukraine, Kiev
Telephone +380 50 108 81 31
Via quel site vous l'avez connue Angelreturn
Echantillons de ses messages
  • Hello, my Dear Jerome,thanks a lot for the photos! The dog is cool)))You know I miss our communication more and more. The only thing that saves me from constant thoughts of you is my favourite job and communication with you! Some time ago I even got depressed. Because we had a very bad weather. But now the weather is perfect and it creates a great mood. I love the spring very much! Because at this time nature awakens, trees start to blossom buds! The weather is beautiful, birds singing, whisper of grass and the intoxicating air! And comes the realization that life is beautiful!And how is your mood? What do you do? What new things did happen in your life?

L'information minimale requise
Son prénom Victoria
Ville, Pays Ukraine, Kiev

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