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savitska oksana

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Femme russe ou ukrainienne a verifier
Prenom, Nom savitska oksana
Date de naissance 03 janvier 1990
Ville, Pays Kiev, Ukraine
Adresse rue prospekt Pravdi 37a - appartement 14 - Kiev
Echantillons de ses messages
  • Please send it from the the nearest RIA or WU or MG agent for you.or you can check it online as I told WU have a very bad reputation here and much expensive) can send it to the any office of the Kiev, Ukraine, I will find the closest after thatplease send it here under my name Oksana SavitskaI sent you my ID already so you can show it to RIA or WU or MG to send the money to me.P.S. I need 500 USD, but if you can please send some extra for unforeseen expenses and etc.....P.P.S. Here is more additional important information for you:They will ask for the purpose and destination of a transfer you are sending.If you want to send money without a delay of transfer procedure you should say that the money is for your relative. I had a negative experience when I received money from my mother and father. When I tried to get money from the bank they just blocked it until I told that stupid clerk that the money was from my parents. I’ve tried to borrow money for several times but no one believes that I’ll ever give it back. Just imagine yourself on the place of any person I’ve asked! I’m going to leave abroad and it is possible that I’ll never come back. My parents and relatives are poor like me and their average salary is about 300$ (like mine).Banks have refused me to give a loan at the same reason as I’m going to leave the country and will never return the money.It is a vicious circle for me and I am asking you to understand me right!I need your help very much. Give me your answer as soon as possible!Have a nice day!

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I’ve received the same

I’ve received the same message from this person along with phone number and photos I knew from the start this person would ask me to send her money once saying how poor they were 

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