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Nadezhda Feddoseeva

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Nadezhda Feddoseeva
Prenom, Nom: Nadezhda Feddoseeva
Date de naissance: 19 août 1983
Pays, Ville: Russie, Moscow
Telephone: 7(8901) 901 7532
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Echantillons de ses messages:
Hi! In Russian it Privet! It again I! At you good mood? I waited today to see your letter.I had a confidence, that you will write to me. Last night,I wished to check up mail, but my house laptop has broken,it very old and to repair is not subject, I plan to buy thenew laptop when I will receive the salary on my work.Now I on work, am convenient to write me letters from work. I work every day, except Sunday. On Sunday I cannot see yourletters. I start to work in 09:00 mornings. I stop to workin 17:00 in the evening.I work in the official body whichis engaged in preparation of documents on the ground areas.My post the expert. I like my work. I work behind the computer much.I have a higher education. I have finished training atdesign and management faculty.I live in city Engels.You can see my city on the Internet. Capital of Russia,the city of Moscow. Distance of my city from Moscow about900 kilometres. You sometime were in Russia?When I have decided to get acquainted with the man inagency of acquaintances, I have seen many profiles of men.But I have written the letter only to you. It is difficultto me to explain my choice. Possibly my heart has prompted,that I should write the letter to you. I have got used totrust the heart. I am done not frightened by an age difference,for me important what the man was kind, sympathetic andwhat he was able to address correctly with the woman.I wish to ask you about sincerity. I want, that ourswith you dialogue has been based on trust. Now weknow each other a little. I hope, that the trust willappear in due course between us. In the future I cangive you the mobile phone, but now I wish to learn you better. Your life is interesting to me. Please, do not forgetto answer my questions. Than you are engaged at leisure? You like sports?Today I send you the photos and I will be glad to seeyour photos in the new letter.I should continue to work now. Thanks for your attention.I hope, that my letter was not boring for you. Nadezhda.
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  • Romance Scam. This girl is reported also as 

    Nadezhda Phedosieva


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Las fotos coinciden con las

Las fotos coinciden con las que me envio esta muchacha pero con otro email . 

mucho cuidado .

yo tambien recibi mensajes de

yo tambien recibi mensajes de esta chica como nadya, pero al pasar un mes ya pidio dinero para un supuesto encuentro.

I also wrote to me with this

I also wrote to me with this girl though SVETLANA name. Trace IP address and so the U.S. is not even Russian

He recibido la estafa de

He recibido la estafa de Nadezha, pero no ha llegado a pedirme dinero todavía, el nombre apellidos telefono y ciudad son correctos con los datos que ella envia

foto_nadya.jpg uytr.jpg

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