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Alina Melnikova

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Alina Melnikova
Prenom, Nom: Alina Melnikova
Date de naissance: 04 février 1985
Address: 429244, Republic of Chuvashia, village Shorkasy, street Zelenaya, house 3.
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Echantillons de ses messages:

Normal 0 Hello! What is your real name? I am very glad that you responded to my message. I'll be glad to know you better. I think that you do not mind our acquaintance. I hope that our interests coincide. And we both want to get to know each other. I'm looking for a serious relationship only. I want to find a man with whom I could create a shared future. I am not interested in flirting or short novel. I would like to know what your purpose of our relationship? I hope that you have only serious intentions to me? I want you to answer my questions. I would be happy if we are together we will take the first steps of our acquaintance. I want to tell you that I do not write very well in English. I'm afraid you're not well understand what I am writing. But I hope that now you understand what I am writing. I want to talk a little bit about me. I am a girl from an ordinary family. I have a good education. My name is Alina. My age is 28 years. My birthday on Feb. 7. My height is 169 centimeters, my weight is 50 kg. I am sociable and cheerful girl. I respect kindness and honesty. I hate lies and brutality. In man attracts me good manners and sincerity. I have a calm character. I almost never swear, and I always try to respect and listen to the opinions of others. I hope I have told enough about me. I think I've made the first step to our acquaintance. I hope that you will answer me tomorrow. I look forward to wait for your letter tomorrow.

Schema de larnaque:
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    She contacted me though a dating website as a registered user. We began corresponding in late December and it all ended in mid February. She used typical grooming techniques and by the 3rd or 4th week, had professed to 'falling in love' with me. Over the course of our exchange (she sent a total of 31 emails), she went out of her way to say that I could trust her because of her good family influences. Late in our exchange, she actually called and we talked for about 2 minutes - but I never sent her any money.

    Interesting side notes to our exchanges: in her replies back to me, she never included a copy of the message I had previously sent. She claimed that she had no personal phone, could only use an internet cafe, did not have a personal computer of her own and borrowed a camera from 'a friend' to take her photos (in total, she sent 18 photos of herself - none were ever date stamped). She knew what a flash card was, but supposedly never heard of skype or facebook! Initially, she never responded to questions I had asked, but later after I pointed this out, she began to specifically answer them.

    Eventually after she informed me that she needed more money for the flight, I decided to use google image search and found one of her photos linked to another Russian dating scam website and a similar introductory letter that was also posted there. She was under a different name, but also had additional aliases.

    I contacted the American Embassy in Moscow to learn of the visa process of a Russian national and learned that the information she supplied to me was in gross error. She also claimed that her agency tied all fees together for passport, visa and plane fare - even sending me an image of her ticket. I informed her that I did not trust her 'agency,' and that I would instead buy her ticket on-line and she could pick it up at her airport. Never heard back from her.

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