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Prenom, Nom: Anya
Date de naissance: 31 décembre 1984
Pays, Ville: Ukraine, Akhtyrka
Address: Aleksandrovsk
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Echantillons de ses messages:
Hello dear xxxxxx, How are you today? How's your weekend going? Pity that we cannot spendthat together. But maybe, someday - who knows! :) I agree with youthat distance is not a problem nowadays. This type of dating is reallyunusual. But more and more couples meet this way in the modern world.It's very interesting to learn someone, who belongs to a differentculture. This is something like discovering the new land. Ourthoughts, dreams and hopes exchange will let us make a deeper insightinto each other's world. Tell me, please, more about your life, aboutyour family and where exactly in France you live. Is it a large cityor a quiet town? I'm from the Eastern Ukrainian steppes, where thewinds are whispering your name into my ear and where it's possible tohide in the wheat fields from the unnecessary eyes :) I live inAleksandrovsk, which is the suburb of our regional center, where Iwork. It's very convenient, because from one hand I'm close to a bigtown, but from another hand, I live in the quiet place, surroundedwith the green nature. I work as a customs officer. But might myoccupation not seem that strict to you :) I work with the papers. Igraduated from our local University with the Bachelor Degree inDocuments Study. Sometimes I need to travel to the boundaries, but itrarely happens. So, my work is mostly calm, yet rather responsible. And what's about you? Do you work? What are your favourite activities?My interests are simple. I like going out with friends to the cinemaor theater, have a cup of coffee in a cafe or take a long walk. Idon't watch TV, except for documentaries and news. I prefer reading.But there are a couple of unusual hobbies. I like step-aerobics andhorse back riding. These are my two loves :) However, I want to meetthe third love, who will make the first two fade ;) You are so farfrom me! Like a star in the night sky. But maybe, someday this starwill come down from the skies into my hands, making my dream cometrue. Finishing this mail I'm already waiting for your reply withphotos :) Anya.
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  • Classique, elle me contact et au bout du troisième mail une société de traduction me demande de l'argent

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