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Prenom, Nom: Olga
Date de naissance: 31 décembre 1982
Pays, Ville: Ukraine, Donetsk
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Echantillons de ses messages:

We  both  are just on the road of knowing each other better and i willbe  happy  if you will be also as much opened as i am) so i don't wantto  hide  anything from you and i really beg you to be serious. i hopeyou are veeeery serious in finding your other half? by the way you canask  me  all  the questions you want) but from the beginning i want totell  you  that  there  is one point which one i am going to remove infuture  between  you and me, yes unfortunately we don't speak the samelanguage:( but i want to learn it! You may wonder then how i write youa letters, everything is simple my dear, i go to Internet cafe( as youknow that i am a refugee here, so i have no my own pc) and here is theadministrator  who is also the interpreter if somebody needs, so i payher  some money and she translates my letters for you and yours to me.Yes..i understand that it is not so cheap especially in my situation:(but i have no other variant really as i am too much serious in findingmy  second  half  as i already told you. To use electronic translator?no,  it  is not a good idea as it gives the bad meaning, words exactlyhave  no  meaning at all( I hope that this little obstacle will not bethe big problem for you, moreover i am telling you that i really wouldlike  to  learn  your  language.  Plus  for  this i know for sure thathappiness is not given in the "plate", you have to fight for it, so itis  something  like  kind  of  fighting..  i just want to ask you oncemore..i  hope  you  are serious my have to understand that ipay  for  the letters so i really hope it is not a joke for you..otherway  if  yes,  then  probably  i  would  buy  better  for  Kolya  somesweets..but i don't think about bad things:) you possess yourself as anormal kind and serious man so i hope as i told you in my first letterwe  can  be more then friends and who knows maybe you will be the REALdad to Kolya?:)

Schema de larnaque:
  • Dit être réfugiée suite guerre ! Et demande argent pour traduction et payer le Cyber café ! Après 2 belles et longues lettres.  Puis dit :

    " my dear hi) you know i still have to pay even if i use google as i have no my own pc and Internet and i have to pay for it "

    Et j'en passe...  

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bonjour à tous,Si au départ

bonjour à tous,Si au départ je trouvais l'arnaque ingénieuse, aujourd'hui, je la trouve rengaine et éculée !!! je ne sais pas pour vous mais là je sature.Je ne sais plus qui a dit ça mais réfléchissons bien et demandons-nous comment deux personnes de sexe opposé peuvent tomber amoureux aussi fort, ne s'étant jamais rencontrés et pour certains, jamais parlé au téléphone plus de 2 minutes (le temps d'une communication en général) et aussi se demander comment et pourquoi une nana "super canon" veut venir vivre en France (ou dans un autre pays dit "riche") avec un mec de 20 à 25 ans son aîné.je pense que nous sommes congénitalement idiots !!! 

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