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Veretennicouva Kseniya

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 Veretennicouva Kseniya
Prenom, Nom: Veretennicouva Kseniya
Address: via Pushkina 34-16
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Hi my ......!!!!I'm so glad to hear from you!Last night when I slept I saw a wonderful dream where I was with you!In my dream we were walking along the beautiful streets of the beautiful city !!!!!I do not know it was out of town, but I did not when I have not seen! "But it was great! "We're walking holding each other's hand and looked at each other's eyes! "Watching your eyes I saw you look at me like everyone else, but somehow in a special way! "And your eyes were shining with happiness! "I too was very happy as I was with a man whom I love and really want to spend with you the rest of my life! "I was very happy there in my sleep, because "that was with you!"And I really did not want to wake up! "And when I awoke I was very happy, even despite the fact that now I'm not with you, in my dream I had about you my dear .... !!!!I so badly want you to be located next to me and it would have been not a dream but in reality !!!!!Today we have good weather again! A lot of sun!When you walk down the street on a day to get very warm at heart!For me the important thing is to know that you're all well and that you love me!And I love you too! And I really want to come to thee!I love you very much want to see and really want to be with you right now!Today I went to a travel agent to find out how I can for you to stay.But unfortunately I can not pay for my stay to you, for me it is very expensive.I was told that it would cost about 610 euro.My visa and all necessary documents which include compulsory insurance and help.This I can do in a few days, except for a visa.It will be ready within 10-12 days.All certificates and documents will cost 80-90 Color photos 3.5 x 4, 5-Help with work-A certificate from the bank-ProfileThe visa will cost with all fees 140's all I talked about in a travel agency.I learned about the cost of a ticket to your country and back.My ticket for you will cost 380 euro.Ticket back is required as to arrive in another country without a return ticket is impossible.They can do all my documents in two weeks. I have accumulated money is 150 euro.In order that I came to you I need 460 euro!!! This is a very large sum for our country.Can you help me this money??If I could pay for my stay to you, then after two weeks we will be together.I can not imagine my life without you and without your warmth and love.We now need to be together! I know, I feel that you want to see me now! Yes, now!And I want now to come to you and be with you! Always!When I come to you, we will be day and night together. I want to be close to you always!We'll laugh and enjoy each other, I really want to feel the warmth of your body, hear your voice To see your eyes!When we lie to you, I want to cuddle up to your chest! You embrace me!I just want to be your girlfriend, only yours!When I think of you, you make me very happy! And I want to make you happy too!Your Kseniya!!!


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