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Osipova Olesya

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Osipova Olesya
Prenom, Nom: Osipova Olesya
Date de naissance: 08 février 1982
Address: Russia,Zelenodolsk city, Severnaya street 9, 422544
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Attention :this girl send

Attention :

this girl send mail and phone calls during 2 months. Mail et phone call from her everyday.

Then she want to see me in France, she pay the ticket plane and oh surprise custom need 700 euros !

She really made the reservation for plane (i verify with a phone call to klm) by there are not payed.

She provide me a fake travel agency, swear that she is not a scam....but reality is here....


take care, very good scenario, but demasqued 2 hours before she take the plane when she need 700 euros....

when i refuse to pay, she contact by mail and phoneme during 3 days, telling me that she's at the airport, no money to return home and eat,....

she loose money in this story, calling me so many times.....

i also trace ip from her mail, no one corresponding to the town where she live.

sorry for my english, take care all :)

Scénario et patience extrème, mails très personnels, contacts tous les jours, appels téléphoniques de sa part....

me demande de venir chez elle en mai car elle a ses vacances....bien entendu je ne peux pas, alors elle se propose de venir a ses frais chez moi....

Elle paye soit disant son visa, ses frais de transport, sa visite médicale, etc etc et m'informe au quotidien de l'avancement de la situation jusqu'a son entretien à l'embassade !

parfait jusqu'au denrier moment ou elle m'appelle en catastrophe depuis l"aeroport de Moscou ou on lui demande 700 euros pour prouver qu'elle puisse subvenir a ses besoins....Me communique les coordonnées de son agence de voyage, les references des billets d'avion !

Je telephone chez KLM, ils me confirment les réservations mais m'indiquent que les billets ne sont pas payés ! Elle avait (ils avaient) tout prévu sauf que je téléphone chez KLM pour vérification ! Un véritable piège presque sans faille !  Deux mois de travail pour me demander 700 euros !

Elle communiquait par écrit et par téléphone dans un anglais parfait !



Dear, I found computer, dear

Dear, I found computer, dear the western union office here they told me that you need my data,copy of my passport should help you!But they told me that you do not need specified my city in your western union blank, because now I am not in my hometown!Just first name is Olesya, second is Osipova and country RussiaThey give you the code and I need it for pick up the money!My love, do not worry, all will be good, I am too nervous right now about all this situation!I will explain you all in the evening! Yours Olesya

My dear, thanks for answer, I

My dear, thanks for answer, I have important information! I just was successful interview!But for the Russian Customs need provide a document on the availability of money, 50 euros for each day in your country!I need show and declare sum of 700 euro!The money is for my protection, they should be confident that I'll be good!In fact, this money is intended for hotel and food in your country, but I know that I am your guest, you care for me!Now I need provide the financial document or money in cash to Customsservice, but my pocket is empty! Tell me are you have such amount?Because I do not have any possible ways reach this here in Moscow!without this I can't fly to you today! This is only formality and thismoney not need spend! Only that my customs be sure that I have thismoney! Can you help me proved this document? ok, I am going to airportnow! Give me answer soon as possible! Yours Olesya

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