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Anna Igorevna Churaeva

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Anna Igorevna Churaeva
Prenom, Nom: Anna Igorevna Churaeva
Date de naissance: 17 juillet 1987
Pays, Ville: Ukhta, resp. Komi, Russie
Address: Lenin Avenue 65
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Echantillons de ses messages:

Christian my love !!!It was a very long public holidays! On the one hand, I'm glad that I rested a bit, but on the other hand I really missed you and wanted to come to work to write to you!Finally I can answer your letter! I have a lot of work today!Christian, I'm constantly thinking about you! I look forward to our meeting with great interest!I'm happy because fate has given us the chance to be together!Our meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know each other better! Our meeting is a turning point in my life!Today I have important news for you.Please be careful.I found the necessary information to get a visa, I know which direction to move on!Now I know all the information I need to travel to you.First of all, I was told that I must personally visit the embassy in Moscow to start the process of official registration of papers!I said that this is not a problem, and I can come to Moscow!Tomorrow I will be on vacation, and I can start official registration of documents for a get a visa, I will have to personally visit the embassy and pass an interview !!I need to wait for the approval of the visa officer.I collected the necessary package of documents: a certificate of marital status, a certificate from the workplace,a declaration of payment of all taxes, as well as a passport, photographs and much more!Today I will try to get all the documents.I correctly did that I received a consultation in a travel agency!I reserved a room in Moscow!I made medical insurance!I know the cost of air tickets! I think that I can afford it!Our meeting will happen very soon, if we both want it!There are sincere feelings between us, and I am sure that our feelings will grow.I know that our feelings are mutual.Our meeting will be unforgettable and romantic!I feel pleasure, I am sincerely glad that my world changed when I met you!The feeling of loneliness has disappeared from my life!I'm glad to know that there is a person in our world who understands me. There is an invisible attachment between us! You Belong With Me!I've never felt anything like it! I smile when I think about you! Believe me, I think about you day and night!Yesterday I was in the store and bought you a present! I want you to be happy!You can not imagine how I want to meet you! I would like our meeting to be unforgettable!I will do my best so that our meeting will remain in our memory for life!I want you to be happy! I want to be the most beautiful for you! I want to be the most desired for you!I have not had a relationship with a man for more than 3 years! When I met you, I realized that our meeting, this is our destiny!I believe that there will be a great passion between us, and we will be able to build a beautiful love! I really want that!Our meeting with you is a big step forward!I always listen to the heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy.What do you think about it? Do you agree with me?My family is happy that I met you, and now we plan to be together!I want to get closer to you as soon as possible!I do not want to lose a single day of vacation!Our meeting is the best way to get to know each other!I really miss you, and I think about our first meeting, I now have a pleasant excitement, because I'm a modest girl :-)I hope my news will make you happy! I want you to be happy!I send you my sweetest and at the same time hot kiss! I'm sure my kiss reaches your lips!I will finish my letter with thoughts of you!I'm anxiously waiting for your letters!With love Anna

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  • Elle a commencé à m'écrire en me disant qu'elle avait trouvé mon e-mail sur un site de rencontres russes, alors que sur les sites de rencontres notre adresse mail n'es pas disponible directement. J'ai discuté avec elle pendant plusieurs semaines en me disant qu'elle voudrait venir me voir et qu'elle ferait toutes les démarches, cela m'a plu jusqu'au moment ou elle me demande de l'aider à payer son billet d'avion pour obtenir son visa, la somme qu'elle me demande et de 570€. Après ça, je ne lui ai plus écrit. 

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Hello my dear Andres !!!I am

Hello my dear Andres !!!I am writing to you from Moscow!I rented a room in the apartment.Mistress apartment very good woman.I will write you the address, which is now settled.My  address: Moscow, street (ulica) Oleko Dundich, house 25, apartment 112, postal index 121096Andres, I visited the embassy and the airport.At the embassy I filled out all the documents for visa.I liked the friendly people that work in the visa application center. I saw the Consul, he is a very serious and polite man.They helped me absolutely everything, I gave all the necessary documents, as I took photographs for visa.Now I am looking forward to my visa.I met a girl and asked her how long it takes to get a visa, she said that now everything is done quickly,since a lot of people wishing to obtain a visa and for this, the embassy works much faster.The embassy told me that I should acquire 2 ticket.Airline tickets are needed to obtain a visa.According to the rules, a compulsory requirement for obtaining a visa is the availability of a return ticket.The embassy should know and be sure that I will definitely come back and I have a return ticket.This is done to ensure that tourists under the "Tourist" visa do not stay in your country illegally and do not engage in illegal activities.The fact that my visa is a "Tourist". I need to identify the exact date of my stay in your country!it is a prerequisite for obtaining my visa!I thought that the tickets can be ordered via the Internet, but the embassy said that now very strict rules. tickets are needed to fly the original and be sure to provide them in order,which would have assured them at the embassy. Embassy officials have to see the date of my departure to your countryand to return back to Russia. Embassy officials explained to me that in the world today there is a lot of bad events.Rules for visiting other countries have become stricter.I was told that is the main condition for obtaining a visa.I was very surprised with such rules, but I was told that it is important that fast to get a visa.Today I have personally visited and reviewed Sheremetevo airport ticket prices, choice of air tickets is very high.My dear, we need to hurry up with the purchase of tickets, as tickets need to provide the embassy, ??that would be on my visa indicate the dates of your stay in your country.Now to buy tickets I need to 680 dollars, so that I could buy tickets. This is the cheapest price for two tickets.I am ashamed to ask you for help, it is beyond my principles!! My family cannot help me at present... I have been assured, that my mum can help me with this problem,but she has told, that has no possibility to find this money right now, unfortunately...But I passed half way, I do not wish to stop on the reached! I hope for your understanding! We very long waited for this day, I have made everything, that was in my forces! Our meeting in your hands, from you depends our future!Andres, I did not ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, as well as I have big expenses here in Moscow.Now I have no money to buy tickets.I paid at the Embassy visa and medical insurance, as well as many other documents.I also paid for accommodation in a room.I now have a little money left, but I needed the money to live in Moscow.Can you help me to buy tickets?I already told you that I should buy tickets in Russia, for that would have assured the embassy my tickets.I also must show a receipt for payment of air tickets.Today I visited the bank, I need to know how I can get from your money quickly,as I have already said that ticket prices are getting more expensive every day.I think that the easiest and safest way is if you send me your help to my personal bank account.I will give you all the necessary information and also attach a copy of my passport.Here are the details of my bank account:Beneficiary:First name: NATALYA Last name: TIKHONOVAMiddle name: GENNADEVNADate of Birth:26/07/1987Beneficiary's bank: “VTB 24”(PJSC)Address of the bank: Moscow, Myasnitskaya street, house 35, postal code 101000Intermediary Bank: Citibank N.A., New York, NYSWIFT: CITIUS33Beneficiary's Acc No.: 40817840514094002758SWIFT: CBGURUMMIf a bank employee says that SWIFT: CBGURUMM does not work, then use this SWIFT: VTBRRUMM My  address   where   I   stayed   in   Moscow: Moscow, Oleko Dundich street, house 25, apartment 112, postal index 121096.My   home   address  where  I  am  registered: Miass, Gotvalda street, house 34, apartment 11, postal index 456306.A bank employee told me that the transfer of money from your country will take one to three days from the date of dispatch.I hope you understand me, I spent a lot of money and I need your help.My dear, when I receive your help?I should know this, because we have little time, so I was able to meet its obligations to the embassy and get the visa.They must have time to reassure my tickets.Already my visa is in the process of registration, I soon arrive to you !!!I am glad that I was able to begin the process of obtaining a visa,the embassy said that if I buy tickets quickly and bring them to the certification, then the visa can be done very quickly.I hope that very soon we'll be together.Now I introduce our romantic evening by candlelight, I will prepare a delicious dinner. Ohhhh I dream about it!I am very tired today, Moscow is a big city.Please do not leave me without your letters.I'm all alone here, and I need your support every day.I always think about you!!! I miss you !!!Today I visited a beautiful place in the city, it is RED SQUARE.I took photos and videos for you, I'll show you how here in Moscow.I hope, you like it.I'm waiting for your letter. Now I'm going to lay my clothes out of the suitcase and I should have a rest.I will use the Internet in the apartment where I rented a room. The woman of the apartment owner uses a network cable for the Internet. I do not know how often I can use the Internet.So I can not always answer you quickly.Andres, kisses to you my dear !!!I really hope for your support and I dream of our meeting !!!Your, Natalya!


Merci du retour de votre

Merci du retour de votre histoire, à priorie cette personne n'ant est pas à son coût d'essaie toujours les même terme au niveau de la correspondance avec quelques changement les même photos sur que sait un motage bien roder. J'ai correspondu avec, mais par chance je suis tombé sur un site ou il y avait plusieurs de ces photos et différentes adresse mail.

Je lui et quand écrit une derniere afin de cloturé cette correspondance, mauvaise expéreince sentimental il faut être plus prudent je voit.

Bonne continuation à vous.

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