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Elena Sovetskaya, scammeuse rencontre

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Elena Sovetskaya, scammeuse rencontre
Prenom, Nom: Elena Sovetskaya, scammeuse rencontre
Date de naissance: 28 août 1982
Pays, Ville: Russie, ---
Address: nurlat 423040 russia
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Echantillons de ses messages:

My dear Gaetan I has received your letter, big to you thank. It is very pleasant for me.

I very much love you and I want, that our meeting would be held.

I learned today on about the visa and to me have explained. That for me visa

better. But registration of all documents of

the visa borrows a lot of time. From 2 months and about one year. Unfortunately the main condition

of this visa - our meeting and therefore is the visa at once disappears for me as we did not

see you nevertheless. The most convenient variant for me, tourist visa. Under this visa I

can remain with you for the term of till 90 days. Registration of this visa borrows some days.

It speaks that it borrows some travel agencies. After I shall arrive to you under the visa I can

receive or a that we could be together for ever and never leave you. To me have

told, that during validity of visa I can receive visa when I shall be with you. Or in

the other case to me will give.

And now I shall speak bad news. I have counted up and have come to that on registration visa.

360 us dollars are necessary for me. Into this cost enters: The visa - 150 us dollars; It is

dear up to Moscow - 80 us dollars; Residing at Moscow and hotel, travel on Moscow, with the account

for 4 days - 130 us dollars. Lovely, I do not have such money. Unfortunately I work in my still

more few time and now I have test time during which I receive about 150 dollars a month. For me is

not present the slightest chance to find such sum of money. For me 360 us dollars very big sum of

money. After conversation with my father I asked money him and mum, but they have told, that at

them now very heavy financial position and that they now I can not help me.

I want to tell you that the aunt in tourist agency works for me in Moscow and I want to tell you

that for me the visa won't be problems to receive and there she will prompt everything,

I want to tell you that she promised to help to you on the ticket if you are able to help on documents.

I really hope, on your understanding and on a fast our meeting.

Your love for ever Elena.

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  • quelque lettres et c'est deja l'amour fou,veut venir me voir rapidement,mais bien sur probleme d'argent pour les papiers.toujours le meme shema.

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As someone wants something

As someone wants something more, pictures or information then this is my address.

I also cheated on 3000 euros.

I also cheated on 3000 euros. For a ticket 400 euros for a tax of some 400 euros. And a couple more raven. This is a very beautiful woman and she writes very sweetly. From the very reading you can fall in love. For me, it was introduced as ALENA TOVASHOVA, but as you search you will find it several times as another person. Only pictures are the same. I greet and wish never again this and such a woman like her. I think how could it sell to even own mother :)))

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