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Irina Berezhnaya

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Irina Berezhnaya
Prenom, Nom: Irina Berezhnaya
Date de naissance: 21 septembre 1987
Pays, Ville: Volsk, Russie
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Echantillons de ses messages:

Hello my love Florian! How are you, my love?I start my letter with the main news! I arrived safely in Moscow! I had a crazy day today! I rented a small room in Moscow, the owner of the room is a very good woman! I've finished all my work and I can finally relax and write you a letter! I have good news, I successfully passed the interview at the Embassy! To obtain a visa, I need to give tickets to the Embassy and then I will be given a visa! This is important because I will be getting a tourist visa. I am very glad that I almost did it! Florian but I have some unpleasant news for you. I have encountered unforeseen difficulties! The fact is that my expenses were higher than my financial capabilities! I can't afford to buy a plane ticket! My expenses were higher than I expected! To obtain a visa, you must have two round-trip tickets! the ticket costs 380 euros! I've paid all the operating costs, but I can't afford a plane ticket! I hope you understand me! I ask you to help me with the purchase of tickets! I'm ashamed to ask you for help, it's above my principles!! But I'm halfway there and I don't want to stop! We hope for Your understanding! We waited a long time for this day, I did everything in my power! Our meeting is in your hands, our future depends on you! Today I was in the Bank and tried to get a loan! But all my efforts were in vain. Alas, I have no registration in Moscow and I was not given a loan! Due to the fact that I live in another region, the Bank is not sure that I will pay this loan. I tried to get a loan from another Bank and said that I needed money to travel to a loved one. But the Bank immediately refused to receive money. In the same Bank, I found out about how I can get your help! The Bank employee told me that I can get your help with the help of fast money transfers such as MoneyGram and Western Union! You have to do is say my full name: Irina Berezhnaya. Country: Russia!I also have a personal Bank account and you can send me your help to my Bank account. I understand that our meeting takes a lot of time and effort! But I'm counting on you! You I discovered my senses. I trust you! Now our meeting, it's only a matter of time! As soon as I give the tickets to the Embassy, I'll get a visa! I hope you will help me get my visa! I mean, I'm fine, but I can't say! I'm worried about the situation, time plays an important role! I miss you! I want you by my side! Day after day, every minute I think of you! I want to be in your hands as soon as possible! You're the man of my dreams! Words cannot describe my feelings and emotions! I love you! I'll wait for your letter! While I was looking for a room to stay in Moscow, I had some free time to visit Red Square. I made a photo and video for you in Moscow Kremlin, it is very beautiful!! Now I want to relax a little. Now I'll put my clothes out of the suitcase after I take a bath and make a face mask. Kiss you my dear Florian!!! I hope for your support and dream about our meeting!!!With love and forever Irina!!!

Schema de larnaque:
  • Le gros classique du schéma de l'escroquerie romantique internet. 

    Vous discuter avec elle pour faire connaissance puis tombe amoureux de vous.

    Après son voyage à Moscou vous demander de l'argent parce que Madame a utiliser trop d'argent pour son voyage à Moscou

    Il faut noté que son nom complet apartient à une politicienne Ukreine morte recement :

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