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Masha Zelenina, alias Maria scam femme Russe, (alias Pleasure Mari) , alias Pleasure Mari

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Prenom, Nom: Masha Zelenina, alias Maria scam femme Russe, (alias Pleasure Mari) , alias Pleasure Mari
Date de naissance: 11 octobre 1996
Pays, Ville: Ukraine, new City
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Echantillons de ses messages:

I feel orgasm more often


Hello, name here...

You know, I feel orgasm more often than other women. Ahah… You think that I sleep with 3 or five men per day? No…You are wrong… I am really faithful woman and I like to be with one man only, once and for forever…

But as for my orgasm…Have you ever heard about scientific or art orgasm? It is a special kind of feeling which overwhelms you when you have done something good by your own, when you have created something or discovered something new.

So, I am an artist-beginner. I am crazy for drawing. No, I am not Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci yet, but I have some success. My collection of my own paintings grows every day. When I am drawing it seems that somebody has cast a spell on me…I am peaceful, silent… And after I have finished my painting and I like it… I feel something cool, a feeling of happiness just swallows me…

Just imagine what perfect wife I can be for you?
Men always complain that sometimes women are real chatter-boxes. And that they talk when a man wants to watch TV, read a newspaper, or just have a rest after a hard-working day and your woman wants to talk.

And me…Just imagine…You come home tired and a delicious dinner is waiting for you (yea…I am damn good at cooking as well). And then I start talking…You take paints, paintbrush and give it to me…Problems is solved..I am busy for the nearest hour and you have time to rest without being told 3 hundred times


Plus, in an hour your wife is happy and ready to join you everywhere and in everything you want…What do you think? Sounds good?
So, I am waiting for your letter…


P.S. I am completely submissive girl... If you don't try, you will never know...

Remember you promised to send me a picture of you if I send a picture of me...
I trust you.... My Lord (or how do you like to be called)...

Schema de larnaque:
  • VERY good at conversation. Very intelligent girl

    Will engage you on topics you have initiated and insert various segments of what she says is her life that fits within the conversation. When pressed for details of these events or photos of themin ongoing commuincations they never materialize.

    There are however inconsistencies arise,as she is communication with so many men it is hardfor her to keep it all straight.

    Looks for continuing conversation in the form of letters and/or chats.

    Uses the niche of no sex before marriage and did not carry on any conversation with sexual overtones.

    Pretty much ALL the other ladies on the Find-Brides site do carry on overtly sexual conversation, so she has her own little market niche here.

    Says you are my only when pressed for how many others does she have on the line, and uses the term, but first we must meet. Then she is online 2-4 hours a day

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I've talked to her, I've even

I've talked to her, I've even sent me videos with greetings, she's never asked for money ... so ... how do you make money? ... do you keep the men online and the agency pays you ?. .. someone could answer.


ALSO ON AT LEAST 16 OTHER DATING SITES AS "Pleasure_Mari", as shown below

With photo attached as her profile photo on these stes


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