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Nataliya Pylaeva, scammeuse, fausse rencontre Russie

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Nataliya  Pylaeva, scammeuse, fausse rencontre Russie
Prenom, Nom: Nataliya Pylaeva, scammeuse, fausse rencontre Russie
Date de naissance: 27 mars 1989
Address: troitsk paulova 57
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Echantillons de ses messages:

My dearest love Daniel.


Sweetheart, first of all I ask you, that you do not go to the airport today evening. Sweetheart, I am still in

Moscow and I don't know where to start to explain all to you. Daniel,  I do not know, how to you to tell it, because I am very afraid of your anger.

I very much hope that you receive my letter before you go to airport. My love, I will tell to you everything what happened, I am very stressed and

so tired now, perhaps it will be difficult to find words. Sweetheart, I went to my flight this morning. I have passed passport control

and  after  that  I  passed the Customs control, where everything was good. I showed them that I have needed amount and they passed me.

I thought that after Customs, I can go directly to my plane. But I had to go through baggage checking also. My lovely, when they looked through my

things, the officer asked me to stop and wait few minutes. Then two officers of police came to me and asked to follow them in a special room for

deeper checking of my baggage. Daniel, I did not understand why they asked me to make it but they were police officers and I had to follow them.

As soon as we have came into a special room, one of the officers searched my bag and found church icon  " Mother  of  God " and asked to explain

how become that icon in my bag. My love, my grandma gave  this icon to me when I visited her last time. This icon is our family value and consequently

she has decided to give it to me and you, so this icon was our family value, your and mine, it would secure our love, our family!

I have explained to officers all this but after  that they placed me in the special chamber and they said that this icon is antiques, historical value

and it is not a subject to export from territory of Russia. Sweetheart, at first I did not understand what happened and I asked them to let me go to my

flight!  But they said it is a very serious crime and they can not let me go. I once again explained them all situation, but they said to me that I should

wait for the inspector who work with such crimes. Daniel, I also asked them to me an opportunity to write one letter to you or make one call, so you

know about situation. Because I did not realize how long I will be staying there! But they did not listen to me. I cried also very much because I was so

disappointed! My love, in couple hours they met inspector and during several hours I was in special ward. I explained this situation many times, and each

time  I  asked, they have give me an opportunity to write to you one letter. But the inspector has said it is impossible during the interrogation. I was

accused in illegal  export  of  antiques, but many times I explained to them all situation. I said them that they can leave this icon, but if only they

allow me to arrive to you by next flight! I asked him, what I can make. He said, that in according with law, I should pay the penalty and they will not

get me arrested. They will make investigation and then court will resolve this situation. And I should pay penalty to be able to travel abroad,

this  penalty  will be a kind of pledge. It means that when court will not find any crime in my actions then this pledge will be returned to me.

Daniel, amount of penalty was 1680 dollars. Daniel, I  has paid it from  amount that you sent me. And also everything that I had with me, for expenses and food.

I paid all what I had, now  I have money only to pay internet-cafe few times. I had to pay this penalty, because I had no other exit! If I have not paid this

penalty, then they would not let me to travel outside of Russia and I could not arrive to you. My love, please, excuse me and understand, that I had no other exit!!

I very much cried, before I begun to write this letter to you, because I do not know how to tell you about it. One hour ago, I was released from the ward and I with

tears on eyes at once I went to internet-cafe to write to you. Daniel, I am so upset! I had huge stress, that I never had in my life! I do not worry for myself, I worry

for you, my dear. My love, I still can exchange my ticket for Friday morning, because it was not my fault that I missed this flight and police will confirm it.

It means that I can get next flight for free. But you understand, that is necessary to me again to have 1560 dollars again to pass the Customs. Lovely, I have no money

now at all! My dear love, please, only understand me and do not leave me in this situation! I very much ask you about it! I very much want to be together with you.

I did not expect this, I am in lost right now... It is my fault, I have tears in my eyes right now, because I very much worry and nervous. My love please understand me.

Lovely, please, send to me this amount as soon as possible, I will change my ticket for Friday and I will arrive to you! Daniel, it will not be any obstacles, on my way

to you, believe me. My baggage is checked many times, I do not bring any forbidden with me anymore. I will forgot this horror in your strong arms only.

I very much want to be with you, Daniel. I need you so strongly! I feel very tired, broken right now. I need to sleep.

With Love,

only your baby Nataliya.

Schema de larnaque:
  • she supposedly paid for everything but when she got to the russian embassy they told her she would need 1560.00 obligatory money to enter us I sent her that then she email the next day saying customs had fined her 1600.00 for trying to smuggle a religious artifact out of russia and needed 1560.00 more dollars.

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