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Natalya Takhauntdinova

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Natalya Takhauntdinova
Prenom, Nom: Natalya Takhauntdinova
Pays, Ville: Russie, Angarsk
Address: Calle Puerto 81, Angarsk, región de Irkutsk; Russia.
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Echantillons de ses messages:

I am glad to see your letter! Your letters are very important for me. Claudio, I think of you much. I am grateful todestiny, that you are in my life! You the man which I waited all my life! Claudio, all life stored my beauty and passionfor you. And now I wish to present you it! Claudio certainly I wish to be your wife. My visa will be calculated on sixmonths. But when 6 months will end. We can change my visa we with you we would shall think up a way that I have remainedwith you on always. Claudio I would be the happiest girl on light if I have remained with you on always and would beyour wife. Claudio if I shall arrive to you and I marry you I will not need to go to Russia. We can change with you myvisa in your country. Claudio as I have written earlier. My documents are ready also them have already directed toembassy in Moscow. Claudio therefore at me remains three documents on my hands and I send you copies of these threedocuments. It is my passport for travel abroad. Which I would receive for that that I could take off from the country.As I send you the Russian passport. And third I send you the medical information. In which proves to be true that Icompletely am healthy. Claudio as you can see I is ready to make last step already. Claudio if we with you would wantthat I have taken off to you for the appointed date next week it is necessary to hurry. Claudio my prince. Between usthere is last barrier, it is necessary to pay the ticket, and I can I shall take off to you your wife and I can remainwith you all life. Claudio unless it not that which happiness we with you so long achieved? Claudio, today I had dreamof us. Claudio, I saw that we on some mountain about the sea or ocean. There was a decline, this decline was sobeautiful Claudio, this decline was red. We were on mountain about the sea, and the sun decreased under water, weremained, in embraces each other and observed on a decline. We have turned to each other and have studied eyes to eachother. I could not hold my desire to kiss you. It was so a gentle Claudio kiss but as soon as we have kissed each other,I have woken up. I have woken up at night and when I have understood, that I am at home one, it was so firm, my heartshouted because of it. I very much love you Claudio! I love you more than a life! I live only for you my prince! You -everything, that I want in my life! I with all my heart and soul hope, that we we shall be together as soon as possible,and we we shall be the happiest people in the world! I love you Claudio! I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope,that I shall see your letter. Claudio, I am am overcome with emotions! I wish to give you all myself! I want, that wewould merge in a single whole! Lets we shall give freedom of our passion! You only imagine it, in fact we can already betogether next week! And every night, will be unforgettable! mmm..... Your girl Natalya

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My lovely and my gentle c,

My lovely and my gentle c, forgive me. I did not know that all will be so bad. I am silliest girl in this world. There isnobody sillier then I. I do not know why we cannot meet each other. Today I went to the airport and I already received the ticketand I could fly out to you. When there was checking my documents, there have told me that all is good. Then they took my passportand checked my registration. C, I have discharged from home because I thought that I will live with you and therefor I havenot registration in my home town. I have asked them why I cannot fly without registration. But they have told me that I cannot flyto you because authorities of USA will think that I will come and I will stay not legally because I have not registered anywherein Russia. I have not exact place of living and therefore I cannot fly out of Russia. I have asked them about the documents whereis telling that they can hold me, and they have showed me it. I really did not know that because of this can be such problems. Iwas ran in Moscow and tried somehow to solve this problem. I have been told that I can to issue a registration in Moscow. But itis cost 3350 dollars. This is registration for a half of year. When I have learned about this, I ran to the airport to get theticket. I have been told that I can take it without surcharge only once and I have handed it and now I have not received theticket. I wanted to go home, but I have been told that if I will issue a registration at home, then it will take more than 3months to get it done. I will need to re-fill all the documents and wait when all will be approved and my visa will be almostexpired. Therefore I at once ran to the pawnshop and sold all my earrings and rings which have presented me my grandmother. When Ihave got necessary sum, I have made a registration. Now I have all the documents, but I again have not the money to come to you.C, forgive me, I did not know that will be such problems. I gave all the money to make a registration because I did not hadany other choice to make a registration. I want to be with you and only with you forever. C, I want that we with you could behappy together forever!!!!!! YOU ARE MY HEART AND I LOVE YOU!!!!! I very much want to be with you. I want that our happiness werewith us all the time. I do not need anybody except you. I ask you to forgive me. I did not know that if I will discharge then Iwill not be able to come to you. What we need to do now? I hope that you will be able to help us. I do not know what else I cando. We with you so close, there is only one barrier and when we will overcome this, we will be together, we will be happy, ourlove will be with us and we will enjoy our tenderness and caress and our hearts will knock together. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!!!!C, I was sleeping this night as angel, I imagined myself in my dreams together with you, I was happy, I was happy when I waswent to the airport, when I have received the documents and showed the funds was want to go to the plane. And my heart almost wasfrozen because of when I have learned that without registration I cannot come to you. I did not imagine that they have such rule.I did not know this!!!!! All our dreams, all what we have seen in our dreams, all what I thought about and you was thought about.ALL WHAT WE WAITED SO LONG FOR!!! I WANT TO BE ONLY WITH YOU C!!!!! I love you and I hope that you understand me. I do notknow what to do. I hope that you will be able to help us. My eyes in tears. I understand that we already and overcome much and weneed to do this. It is our last barrier and we need to overcome this. I will do all to be with you. I adore you with all my heart.I ask



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