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Olga Kuzmina

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Olga Kuzmina
Prenom, Nom: Olga Kuzmina
Pays, Ville: Khabarovsk, Russie
Address: Street River, house 38, entrance 1, apartment 8R
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Echantillons de ses messages:

Hi my friend! I am glad to see your new letter. Thank you for your words and kindness. Your concern gives me a fighting spirit and psychological gratification. In all honesty, I'm worried you won't answer me(( I always think about the worst, but hope for the best) You're always beside me in my heart. In my mind you occupy a significant place in my life. Thanks for everything you cheer me up. You're very important to me and at this phase of my life I live just dream of you. I expect that soon our sexual appetite will be satisfied. I would like to feel your cock inside me. I would like you to take my bum. I've never attempted this kind of sex, but I believe we both get the best pleasure. You'll be the first man to whom I shall allow to perform it! Now I am in Moscow. I feel fever in my body. If you were close to me, then I would have climbed into your lap and kissed you so intensely that your cock was hard and ready for action. Oooo! These sweet dreams!!! What exactly are you doing to me?! I am a better rather change the subject in another way, to cool my ardor. This morning I settled in a hostel at the Embassy. I've got all the necessary amenities, shower, stove to cook, a TV. From the Way, my trip went well. Although, during takeoff and landing, my heart sank from panic and my ears so hard that for a minute I believed I went deaf. But despite all these nuances, I am happy with the flight. Never before have I felt these adrenaline. The whole way I was thinking how lovely that is occurring to me. It was like a fairytale! But reality broke all of my dreams into small pieces. As it was it is not as simple as I thought. I had a problem in which my internship is in peril(( very difficult for Me to write to you about it, but I promised to be honest to you. My difficulty is that I have an unsettled debt for utilities. This debt is 39000 rubles. In us dollar terms this is $600. I had no idea that this may affect my trip. But, there's such a law and I need to pay the debt in order to release me from Russia. In recent years a lot of Russian citizens departed abroad, leaving enormous unpaid bills for utilities. Consequently, the departure from Russia, in the presence of debts, canceled. I am asking you to not blame me for this!!! I really don't want to hear the screams and insults from the man to whom I have a warm, honest feelings. Please don't throw stones at me!  My heart is broken! I am totally perplexed and somehow gathered all the strength to write to you about everything. I barely controlled so as to not cry. I feel absolutely crushed. I feel really lousy ((((( I'm afraid you will abandon me and I lose you, never taken you! From the realization that my hands are shaking. I tried to solve the problem yourself, but I haven't such amount of money. In my wallet was $100. I paid them all, but this isn't enough(( I think that it's a shame to ask for your help, but I have no other choice. Perhaps you refuse to help me. I understand all very well! In general, I don't know what to do!? I am burning up with shame! Forgive me for making you read this. But, I really have no one to turn to. Understand me, please! I have no acquaintances in Moscow. I tried to request money from the internship program, but I was denied. The state pays only those conditions which were included in the arrangement, and all of the personal issues I have to resolve on their own! My dear I don't know if I have the right to request your help?! But you're my hope only! As I said, my salary as assitant dentist will be enough to stay. As I understand it, 2900$ is great money and I shall pay you for the debt. I will find the money within 2 days after my arrival. I'll pay you back as soon as I get paid. I am sure it won't be too difficult! Please help me! I have to pay the remaining of 500!  I'll get it to you as soon as I receive my first paycheck. I have almost no time! I learned from employees of the Bank on remittances moneygram or westernunion. Here is the safest and fastest way of international money transfer. Dear that the more quickly you will have the ability to help me, the quicker I can fly to you. This is precisely what we need right now. In the end of this letter I shall give all the info required for transfer your help. I am begging you don't leave me in this terrible situation. I am in a bind|rush!  Just you, my hero, can save me. I'll wait good news from you impatience. Here's my data for transfer of money:Name - OlgaLastname - KuzminaCity - MoscowCountry - RussiaStreet -  Street River, house 38, entrance 1, apartment 8When you can send money, give me all the information on money transfers! The most sweet kisses to the most precious man in the world.Your Olga.

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  • "Please give me 2900$ or I couldn't reach your contry in time for a bl***ob"...

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